Well, post's on the right day, just about 22 hours later than usual. Sorry about that, folks. Side note, I should be getting the password for the comic tomorrow, so the comic itself should be starting tomorrow. Yay big moment in life!

JVG in continuous trouble
Apparently Stern wants to continue reaming the guy. More on this when JVG picks one of his three options... that is, name the ref, claim it was made up or do nothing. I hope he picks the first one. As Jim Rome would say, that makes him the NBA Canseco, but it beats the other two in my mind.

Still little word on what's up with the most famous Kwame in the world
Hoopshype had a few quotes up that said he missed a few mandatory workouts and didn't explain his absense... so, they hit him with ban... pretty much for life, I'm guessing. They're not going to suspend a guy for the playoffs and ever bring him back again. At least, I wouldn't think so. So, that spells good news for a certain couple of teams.

After a wicked game, Paul Pierce nearly cost his squad the season
At the sight of this one, I had to think of Jay Leno's famous line to Hugh Grant: "What the hell were you thinking!?". Had Reggie not taken a contested 28 footer with five or six seconds left on the clock before the end of regulation, it probably would've cost them everything. Granted, Pierce was chewing gum and kicking ass all night long, but his clutch play was certainly questionable. Not so similarly, Walker was his usual team huring self... of course, ESPN.com wouldn't lead you to believe this. A quote:

Walker's clutch baskets in OT lift Boston

See, the thing about that is that he had a PPS of 0.92 for the game so while he was miraculously putting up those clutch baskets, he was actually taking more points from his team (the rest of the team had a PPS of 1.06). As usual, the real contributors get less love and the ones who just score a lot of points get more. Sigh.

T-Mac also brings the beating
Figured that was coming. I knew this one would get to game seven. Related note, what's up with Dirk? It can't be Ryan Bowen and McGrady guarding him, can it? The guy is shooting 35-92 (38%) from the field so far in the series. For a guy as great on the court as Dirk, that should be unfathomable, shouldn't it? If he doesn't have a big game in the finale of the series, Dallas will be in trouble.


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