Long away

This post will be short, just wanted to hit on a few topics. First, I'm going to throw a couple ads from Google's Adsense up here. The idea is that people click them and I get some miniscule amount of cash per click. I didn't start this blog with a plan to try and make money off of it, partially because I didn't expect to get much of a following. However, after just a month I have a decent following (or so it seems) already so I figure I'll try and profit off of it. I'm not attempting to force people to do this, I'll still provide the same stuff I do now even if my profit from here is $0.00. I'll also put them up as a footer, which means they'll be at the bottom of the page, so they'll be out of the way. The point is they aren't compulsory, but if you want to, give them a click.

Second point is that I'm heading home from University for the summer, so I'll be stuck with dialup for a little while, which might make posting semi-difficult like it did the last time (no, this is just a coincidence to the ads thing). I'll see what I can do to combat it.


Blogger Mateo said...

I suggest changing the template. This black background and orange text can be somewhat difficult to read. I suggest changing to some Detroit Pistons colors, no?

4/23/2005 10:27 a.m.  
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