Don't lose your head

Stoudamire goes crazy
Wow. NBA record for triples in a game. A night after Chris Duhon was 8-9 from behind the arc in Chicago, Damon decided to go 5-21 from downtown in this game. At least he made up for it with the triple double, I guess.

Related trouble in Portland
If only John Nash wasn't an idiot and hadn't spent all that money (giving Miles 6/$47, giving Randolph an extension of 6/$84, giving Ex-Piston Ratliff an extension of 3/$42) the team would be sitting pretty. After the season, Abdur-Rahim's deal comes off, Stoudamire's deal comes off, Van Exel was considering retiring (so his deal would come off), Ratliff's deal would've come off, they could've worked something out with Randolph after the season, there'd be no Miles to create distractions on the team... it could've been wonderful. Instead, one of the worst general managers in the league (if not the single lamest one) crushed a franchise with potential for years. Sure, Stoudamire and Abdur-Rahim have deals coming off (presuming they aren't resigned, which they probably won't be), but Van Exel wants to keep playing now and they're still over the cap for two more years (Przybilla's deal is done then, so they'll need to resign him). So they could be in cap hell for years to come, as well as having multiple players on the team that don't want to stay. Good work, Nash. You're officially useless.

WNBA draft was the other day
And look at how much people cared!

Grizz blow another chance to clinch
It's not like they've played four teams in six nights that all have better records than them all on the road or anything, right? It's not the end of the world, despite popular opinion. It's not like Minnesota is doing a lot better (2-2 in their last four, but wins were home for GS and at Utah, not tough).

Bucks' Ford practices for first time in 14 months
This is good to see. I hope he comes back 100%... the Bucks are going to need him, with or without Redd being locked up to a big deal.

Denver finally loses (to someone other than Phoenix)
Had to happen eventually, I guess. However, it did come with Camby being out against a team that has one of the best centres in the league... so I wouldn't take too much from it. Not saying that Camby makes up for 28 points, but he'd certainly help.

Preview of Cavs at Pistons
Cavs have dropped two straight (home to NY, road to Washington). Cavs are 12-27 on the road as recently mentioned, while the Pistons are 31-9 at home. Pistons have won nine straight. Based on these facts and my Cavs spiel from yesterday, I'd say the Pistons are going to steamroll. It's going to be on national TV, but that won't spot Brown from playing the bench a lot again, which is good.


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