The reason for the lack of consistent recent updates is pretty much that I didn't have a lot to say other than offer previews. Aside from a few formalities (final spots in the East, Memphis's trouncing of Minnesota for the 8th spot in the West) the first season is just about wrapped up. We've heard about the big injuries (Bulls and Sonics dropping left and right, whether Miller and Duncan will be 100% for the playoffs, etc.) and the hot streaks (Denver's won 21 of 23). There just isn't a lot to say about the year until we know for sure what all of the match-ups are. However, there are some things about after the year that could be commented on.

The 20 year age limit
The poll over at the NBA section on ESPN.com has a poll of "Should the NBA impose a 20-year age limit for entering the league" with 64.8% of the 19,257 who have voted so far saying 'Yes' with 35.2% saying 'No'. This question isn't really complete, as it doesn't also question the idea of the NBDL expansion for those folks under 20 that still want to come into the league. Personally, I think the switching of the NBDL rules to the 15 teams (one per every two NBA teams) and adding that "no one over 20 on rosters" rule to go along with the NBA's age limit is great. I don't watch a lot of college basketball, as I mentioned (some reasons I concur with found here) but I watch the current NBDL sometimes... whenever I can find it shown on NBA TV. However, you'd figure that if its teams are affiliated with certain NBA teams, it would get more TV time, which means more watching time. I don't know if it would be a success with other fans, but I'd certainly want to view. However, if they're just going to shut out the < 20 year olds and NOT put the affiliation in between every two NBA teams for every one NBDL team, then I don't think it'd be a good move. One, folks would probably try to take the league to court (remember what Maurice Clarett did to the NFL?). Two, the NBDL's competition with the NCAA will be even worse if those guys under 20 are stuck in college. Thus, if the league puts the "over 20" rule in and puts those under 20 into the reformed NBDL, I think it'd be a good move by the league... that is, if Billy Hunter will allow it. Reportedly, there's a good chance he will, so I'm happy. In non-after the year news...

Pistons defeat Heat
To be expected. No Shaq means that the Heat are much less effective. Aside from watching how frustrated Wade was (strange side note, one of the guys on my floor saw "Dwyane Wade" on the TV and asked if his first name was spelled incorrectly), I can't take much from this game. The Pistons will see them again in a few weeks, we can debate then.

Next up, at Chicago
Bulls are dinged up (Deng, Curry) but are at home and fighting for home court advantage in the first round. Similar to Sunday's game, this one could go either way. Not as similar to Sunday's game, I give the advantage to the Pistons. Deng's too important for the Bulls to be able to take out good teams without him.


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