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Nice game for the Pistons. Jamison was indeed activated, but didn't get any PT. They let Larry Hughes do a little of everything, but overall their O was good and so was their D (although the Wizards had single digit turnovers, just like the Raptors did). Interesting stat of the night was that everyone in the Piston starting lineup hit a triple, even Big Ben. It's rather difficult to look up such a stat, but I bet it's safe to say that this is the first time in a while that's happened. Next up, at Orlando on Friday night on ESPN.

I was listening to the Arnie Spanier show on Sporting News Radio earlier and got rather annoyed. Normally I have no problem with the guy, but in his most recent show he couldn't stop cramming down the listeners' throats that what the Lakers got back for Shaq was garbage. Repeatedly, all he could say was that they got back garbage. Garbage? A 15 and 10 guy who shoots 50% from inside the arc (30.8% behind it) as well as a 15 and 6 guy who shoots 47% from inside the arc are part of the collective garbage. Granted, Brian Grant is garbage, but there's no way that one could logically lump the first two into the same category as him. Arnie later went on to say that Kobe Bryant will score more points than anyone in the NBA in the next fifteen years... yeah.

IL addition #1
Juwan Howard's out for the year. Their new starting four is going to have to be Scott Padgett, who has a PER of 11.97, but a defensive PER at the four spot of 13.7. By comparison, Howard had numbers of 13.25 and 16.8... huh? This will actually be an improvement for the Rockets, which is kind of humourous, seeing as how I started writing this thinking that they'd have a hole at the PF.

IL addition #2
Ex-Piston Grant Hill's out for the year... not that this is a strange development for him. However, this time it's his shin rather than his ankle, so there's a bit of relief for the Magic. Maybe next year.

Sixers blow 25-point lead but hand Cats 6th straight loss
Talk about a playoff team, huh? Iverson had 48 in this game and because of it, ESPN.com decided to put up a list of the leaders for "career 40 point games" in the game's recap. Let's take a look:

Wilt Chamberlain 271
Michael Jordan 173
Elgin Baylor 88
Oscar Robertson 77
K. Abdul-Jabbar 70
Rick Barry 70
George Gervin 68
Jerry West 66
Allen Iverson 58
Bob McAdoo 58

Another record of Wilt's that will never be broken, always fun to see for me.


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