Trouble brewing

I meant to post this earlier, but I ran into a six hour nap... so up it comes now.

Here is what happened during the game tonight. The Kings are sans Miller, but recall the last time these two met on 3/6/05, the Kings thrashed the Pistons. Fortunately, that wasn't the case tonight. Numerous things stand out, including the FG% differential (Pistons +9.7), rebound differential (Pistons +9) and turnover differential (Pistons -6). Point guard play also stands out, but the rest of the Pistons made up for Chauncey's mishaps of shooting 1-7 and getting booted in Q2. I liked Lindsey's 4 steals though... maybe that defensive PER will go down. Didn't like the triple percentage, but they held the Kings to a similar total. So, mostly a solid game for the team. Good stuff.

Other than the game, here is the news of the day for Piston fans. Heard's been alright filling in (the Kings game was his tenth straight in the head role) but if they're sans Brown in the playoffs, it could be really troublesome... troublesome in that they'd probably lose to the Heat. Let's be honest, the East is a two horse race. Even without the coach, they're going to spank every team in their conference that doesn't have a guy making $27,696,429 for the season on the roster. But, you know there's going to be a battle between the two powerhouses. Sans Brown, I don't know if the Pistons would be able to take the Heat down in 7. More speculation after his official announcement comes, I guess.

Update: The second link originally said that Brown was out indefinitely... now it's been changed to that he'll be back Friday. Good to see!


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