A turn of events

Before I begin... behold, the new colour scheme!

So Duncan's dinged now, that's not too good. I guess the Suns will be taking that 1 seed out West then. Also, the reason there was no wrap up last night was... because there wasn't much to wrap up. Other than the fact that the headline in the Knicks game started "Rose drops 18 on old team", despite that the 18 in question came on 6-18 shooting. Sigh.

Hedo/Hidayet Turkoglu's out for the year, the Magic are really screwed now.

As for tonight's action, the Pistons got squashed by the Cavs, 91-76. Pistons only shot 37%, including 3-11 from Ben, 2-8 from Chauncey and 2-9 from McDyess. Rip didn't play, which would add to the shooting woes (Delfino started in his place and went 2-5). Why was Ben taking 11 shots when he was only hitting 3 of them? I can understand Ben taking 11 shots if he happen to get hot and hit 5 or 6, but 3? Come on, far too much. Tayshaun and Rasheed combined for 47 points and 15 boards on 18-38 shooting, which I applaud both for. Arroyo had 4, 4 and 4 off the bench in 20 minutes. Those three were swell, the rest were weak to questionable. As for the Cavs, it was a nice rebound from the weird game at Toronto on Sunday. I'd say more, but there isn't more to say. In other action...

Rockets 84, Heat 82
Shaq's line goes 9-15 for 23 points, 16 boards and 3 blocks... and the Heat lose. It's like there's been an explosion of team stars having massive games and most of the rest of the team being completely flat and causing an L as of late. Haslem didn't play, that was part of it. Wade shot 4-19, also part of it. Keyon Dooling was 1-6, also part of it. How is it the Rockets won in a game where T-Mac shot 8-27 for 26 points, where the team as a whole shot 28-79 (35.4%)? Very odd.

Jazz 115, Lakers 107
Hey hey, AK's on the winning end for once, yet came off the bench (and played 41 minutes) for some reason. Ben Handlogten (possibly the scariest looking guy in the league ) got the start. Why was he on the winning end? For one, his own effort was good, with an evening of 6-8, 18 points, 5 assists, 4 steals and 3 blocks. Only 1 board... but it was made up for by the next two guys. Matt Harpring had a night of 10-12, 23 points, 8 boards and 5 assists. A very nice night. Also, Mehmet Okur (ex-Piston) had a night of 7-8, 27 points, 16 boards and 5 assists... wow! Wicked night for the best player in the league from Turkey (yes, best out of two). As for the Lakers, Kobe had 16-26 for 43 points which was spammed across the basketball part of the internet. However, if they're letting the Jazz put up 115 points, you have to figure something was up with their D.

That's all for the evening. Pistons play Philly tomorrow night on ESPN, I'll be back with the preview for that later. Also, sometime this week I'm putting up a review of the 2002 NBA Draft (since it's been about three years since then). Should be a good, long one.


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