More oddity + more wrap up

So I wake up this morning with Sporting News Radio on and I turn up the volume as the "flash" (their update type thing) comes on. First thing I hear is that Paul Silas is fired and I have to wonder why. At first, it made no sense to me. A team with the 5 seed this late in the season firing the coach after not even being in the playoffs last year? But then I got to thinking about it. Cleveland lost 9 of 12, 9 straight on the road and... well, yesterday against Toronto after Lebron's crazy game. SNR said they were looking into getting Flip Saunders, so perhaps their fall will be halted. If it's not, the Cavs are just a game up on Chicago now, so this might be a chance for the Bulls to continue their ascension. They're also a game up on Indiana... who I now think will make the playoffs with the Magic sans Steve Francis's services for probably a while. Overall, I think the move can't be picked as good or bad yet. The real assessment to me will be if this gets the Cavs past the first round, because as I said, I didn't see them getting past there. If it does, it's a good idea. If it doesn't, it's pretty much a lateral or backwards move and thus, not useful.

Beginning the second part of the wrap up, from the "too late" category, Warriors 104, Kings 94

Golden State's now beaten Sacramento at home, Phoenix on the road and Sacramento on the road in consecutive games. I praise the guys aside from Baron Davis and Derek Fisher, who combined for 7-29 from the field for 21 points on the evening, but they're wasting their time. The more they play "spoiler" now, the worse their draft spot is going to be. They're not officially eliminated from the playoffs yet but even if they won out, with their current 23-44 record, there's no way in hell someone gets a playoff spot in West with 38 wins. However, it's nice to see the development of Zarko Cabarkapa, who has put up averages of 14.8, 5.3 and 23-37 (62.1%) in 23 MPG over his last four. Slanted up to the old average starter's minutes of 36, the stats read 23 and 8.2. Not bad for the third 6'10, 230 on the depth chart, huh? Note, I'd consider the chart to go Murphy - Dunleavy - Cabarkapa - Biedrins - Tskitishvili. What a roster, eh?

Nuggets 114, Bucks 103
Good effort by Denver all around, but there are some individual efforts for the Bucks that are more interesting to me. Dan Gadzuric, who is second in the league in boards per minute by the way, had 12 boards in 28 minutes. That's good. Zaza/Zaur Pachulia had 11 boards in 20 minutes. That's better. Anthony Goldwire (ex-Piston) had 9 assists in 19 minutes. This is best. It's too bad Michael Redd shot 8-25 for 23 points and the team defense sucked, otherwise these various stats would go a long way to help yank out a win, even thought the Bucks are in a situation similar to Golden State.


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