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This is the latest work over at the wonderful 82games. Last time they did this, Tayshaun was near the top (if not the leader) and Rip Hamilton was also near the top. This time, surprisingly, Rasheed is #3 overall. I wondered if perhaps McDyess was playing worse and sure enough, his Roland Rating for the last 30 is -10.6... yikes. Arroyo's even worse yet at -17.8. So much for these guys being effective off the bench. Neither are as bad Dupree's -36.5... wow. I guess playing all of the starters 40+ minutes a game might be compulsory throughout the playoffs.

The poll about whether or not Kobe will win another title is still up and the results are 29% for No and 71% for Yes at the moment, after 174,042 votes. I guess I disagree with the general populace on this one.

Spurs sign Big Dog
Granted, he's a good shooter (46% from the field and 34% from three on the career), which is what they want to bring in to fill in for the hurt Devin Brown... but I really don't suspect Robinson will fit in coming off of the pine (37.1 MPG on the career, big ego) or play much defense (in 02-03, his last year to play 50+ games, his defensive PER was a brutal 21.1). Or it could be the latest in the line of brilliant moves by Spurs GM R.C. Buford. I guess we'll find out in the coming days.

Preview tomorrow night's game up tomorrow.


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