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This is strange. I knew they were having some trouble with Fortson's train of thought but to not play him again when he returns? This might be the team's only shot at a playoff run if Allen disappears... so playing him might just be a good idea. Here's a quote:

McMillan is unsure if he'll use Fortson when the team returns. Reserve forward Nick Collison and center Vitaly Potapenko could replace him in the rotation.

McMillan's doing a hell of a job but he's not going to replace 19.7 PER guy with a 16.5 PER guy plus a 13.6 PER respectively and get away with it very well, especially when the you consider that their defensive PERs at centre (where Fortson spent pretty much all of his time) are 14.8 as compared to 20.4 and 24.0 respectively. If they're just referring to the regular season, fine, as they've got a 9.5 game lead in the division (but are only up one game on Dallas for the fourth best record, which could hurt them in round two). But, if they go into the playoffs without Fortson they're going to be in a heap of trouble, as their already bad defense is going to be a lot worse.

In other news, I know I didn't mention that AK47 is on the shelf for the rest of the year because it doesn't really matter at this point. Playing him more this reason is just increasing his chances of hurting himself again. Boozer's also out for the year and Utah's 18.5 games out of a playoff spot with 10 games left on their schedule... so as I said, playing him is a bad idea.

The poll in the NBA section on ESPN is pretty funny right now. The question is "Will Kobe Bryant win another NBA title in his career?". You'd think people would give him the benefit of the doubt, seeing as how he did win three in a row as the second best piece on the team... apparently not. The vote currently shows 27.5% for "Yes" and 72.4% for "No" after 88,668 votes. The guy's only 26, probably has another ten years or so in him and is averaging 28, 6 and 6 with 1.38 PPS. I wouldn't dismiss it just yet.

While that poll's a reasonable question, part of the one in Sportsline's NBA section makes no sense. The poll in question is "The Warriors will:" with options "Make the playoffs this year", "Make the playoffs next year" and "It's still a few years before they reach the playoffs". It's pretty obvious which one I picked... but how can anyone pick the top option? The Warriors have 45 losses while the two teams tied for seventh have 40 wins. It's pretty tough to make the playoffs when the team currently up for the last spot has more wins than it's possible for you to have. Despite this, 7.9% of the 1191 people who have voted so far picked the impossible. Yeah.


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