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Update is late, but it's here at least. Strange game, huh? From 91-90, to 107-90, to 113-103. Don't see 16-0 runs very often. Rip Hamilton was one board away from his first triple double. Obviously the game was mostly a Piston beatdown, aside from that the Raptors got to the line 11 more times (but only made 6 more FTs). Although a lot of things they did were dominant (see 57.9 FG%), some things were missing. Seven Raptor turnovers stands out... I don't know how this happened. The bench was crap in the fourth, of course. Their defense of Toronto's triples was bad (countless times, the Raptors had open triples to shoot). I don't think this was a great effort aside from that they took advantage of the bad D of the Raptors, but a road win is a road win, which is what counts. Next up is the Wizards on Wednesday after a two day break, more later.


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