The duellists

Not a lot to say about this one. Aside from letting Deshawn Stevenson shoot 4-6 from behind the arc, the Pistons did pretty much everything well. No complaints here. Let's face it, this game was just in the way until the showdown on ABC, right?

In about eight hours, it's Pistons at Heat time... likely a preview of games 1, 2, 5 and probably 7 in this year's Eastern conference finals. Seeing as how it's in Miami and pretty much meaningless other than as fodder for people (like me) to comment on, it could go either way. Since they're at home, I'll give the edge to the Heat... but the edge is very slight. However, Shaq may miss this game (he's already missed two straight). If so, the edge (much larger) goes over to the Pistons. Should be a good one either way.


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