Champions (of the Central)

The game!
That makes 6 Central division titles overall and 3 in the last four years for the Pistons. Good times, Piston fans. As happy as I am, I can't help but wonder why the heck Rip Hamilton was 2-17 from the field. As I usually think, "Why didn't he stop after say, the ninth or tenth one, when his shooting percentage was at least >= 20% ?". The motto I usually hear is that "good shooters keep shooting" but one must realize that this is a league of inconsistency and sometimes folks have bad nights. Partially due to Rip's scary performance, the team shot better from behind the arc than they did from inside it. This might have something to do with the fact that Andres Nocioni got 45 minutes and might have something to do with the fact that Skiles took out Ben Gordon for Chris Duhon before Chauncey hit his game winning triple, then put Gordon back in (only to miss a triple himself). Another problem the Pistons had was that the Bulls had 60 boards, including 24 on the offensive glass... 8 of which were by Tyson Chandler. I really hope the Bulls resign him in the offseason. The Pistons had similar trouble on the glass against the Heat, but it wasn't this glaring (16 O-boards for Miami then). Pistons also shot 11-21 (52.4%) from the stripe... yuck. Despite the various trouble, this is the team's seventh straight win, they held their opponents to 84 points in 53 minutes, Ben Wallace did have 5 steals, this is their fourth straight 50 win season and the whole division championship thing. So there's a lot to be happy about. Up next for the crew, home versus Orlando on Wednesday. Might be a cake walk.

The race card!
That didn't take long. What J-O doesn't seem to realize is the whole "competition" aspect against the NCAA. Either that or he does realize it and is trying to create controversy. Or he's just pissed off that he got to come out of high school straight to league and now kids might not be able to. I guess there could be a number of options. By mentioning the race card, I'm guessing it's the second one. Whatever it is... I don't think it will affect any proceedings. It's not like David Stern has much affection for Jermaine after that whole "clobbered a fan" thing.

Did we read that right? San Antonio 136, Golden State 134
Don't see 270 point games very often these days. Not quite 186-184 (370!) or anything, but still impressive. I wonder when the last time a pair of teams broke 270 was. I attempted to do research, but couldn't find much. Oh well. You get the idea, it was really high scoring for today's day and age.


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