Side note before the review, Ben Wallace became the fifth player in NBA history to have 100 blocks and 100 steals in five straight seasons. Kudos to the heart of the team, even though he's going to have to grab 41 boards a game for the next four to hit 1000 rebounds on the year again. I doubt even the Big Dipper could muster 164 boards in a quartet of games.

Box for the game, which was a strange one. Barrett (5'10), Nelson (6'0) and Francis (6'3) were all playing for the Magic at one point, Elden Campbell got almost as many minutes (15) in the game tonight as he had since the start of March (16), Pistons only hit one triple, Tayshaun had no boards in 30 minutes, Pistons had 14 more boards, Magic rookies combined for 68 points, Magic had two guys not playing for "personal reasons" (Garrity and Stevenson) ... strange one. The guys that popped in and watched parts with me thought it was terrible (one said it was the worst game he had ever seen... then again, he also thinks Boozer was only good because of Lebron) but I thought it was fun. It was nice to see the young guys on the Magic against the various bench of the Pistons. Up next for the 04-05 Central champs, home for Milwaukee on Friday night.

Sonics have dropped six straight
In their latest defeat, Lewis and Allen combined for 12-33 (36.3%) from the field and 31 points. When your stars do that, you tend to lose. On the flip side, Nowitzki only needed 16 shots to hit the same total. Ouch. What's up with the team from Seattle? Let's take a look.

4/3; Loss at Golden State, 101-92: Warriors shot 38-76 (50%) from the field.
4/5; Loss at Sacramento, 122-101: Kings shot 47-80 (58.8%) from the field.
4/8; Loss versus Lakers, 117-94: LA shot 42-82 (51.2%) from the field.
4/9; Loss at Denver, 121-105: Nuggets shot 40-70 (57.1%) from the field.
4/11; Loss versus Rockets, 90-78: Houston shot 29-67 (43.3%) from the field.
4/13; Loss versus Mavs, 95-90: Dallas shot 36-70 (51.4%) from the field.

Aside from the Houston game (which is probably more caused by the Rockets), teams are frequently shooting the lights out against the Sonics. Unsurprisingly, bad defense is haunting Seattle, so much now that they've dropped six straight mainly because of it. Yes, Vlad Rad is out, but the fact still stands. We'll see if the team can figure it out. If they can't, I suspect a first round exit for the surprise story. On the bright side, at least McMillan is playing Fortson.

Coming up in the next post, a discussion about an award that gets very little chatter.


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