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Have to comment on this. Unsurprisingly, Stein makes multiple mistakes here. One was naming Hill most improved... again, anyone will improve when their previous year was 0's across the board. None of his picks for most improved make sense. Hill had no 2003-2004 season. Simmons's PER only went up by 3.2 (13.35 to 16.55). Tayshaun's only went up by 2.21 (13.89 to 16.10). I don't get it at all. What was a second mistake?

Cleveland's LeBron James beats out Philadelphia's Iverson for No. 5 by becoming just the fifth player in league history to average 24 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in one season. The 20-year-old joins Oscar Robertson, John Havlicek, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan on that short list.

Havlicek was the other one, I'll have to remember that. But we've had this discussion before. Wilt is again sans recognition, sadly. While I agree (or at least have his choice in my personal top three) with his winners aside from the MIP, I still can't figure out why he makes these common mistakes. For the record, my personal picks are:

MVP: Nowitzki
Aside from the two guys on the Spurs who benefit each other so much, Nowitzki leads the league in Roland Rating. He leads his team in points (26.3), boards (9.9), three point percentage (40.8%) and is shooting 46.9% from two. These are impressive, yes... but when you consider that the next highest scorer is Finley at 15.7, they start to stand out more. Runner up is Nash, who is almost as important, but not quite enough to knock off Nowitzki (to me).

COY: Karl
He hasn't been there the whole year, but it's a whole new (and better) team with him at the helm. I have to hand it to him, he's done a wonderful job. Runner up is Carlisle for taking that team past .500, though it's true that not corralling Artest's personality could be partially blamed on him.

ROY: Howard
I just like Howard's game more than Okafor's. This would be the tightest award to pick of all, in my view.

6th Man: Gordon
I don't think Davis and Stackhouse add as much to their teams (which score enough already) as Gordon does to the Bulls. McDyess could be an option here too, but the Pistons already have two great PFs in front of him (though Ben plays the five spot with no real centre, of course).

MIP: Wade (just ahead of Stoudemire)
See last post.

DPOY: B. Wallace (just ahead of a number of guys)
I would've taken AK47 for this had he not been so hurt all year. Instead, my pick goes to the anchor of our super Piston D.

In non-award news...

Updated +/- over last 30 days feature
Rip 2, Rasheed 4, Ben 9, Chauncey 30... which is nice, but has no sign of Tayshaun. Very strange, but good to see nonetheless.

Pistons smite Bucks
I wish I had noted about this earlier, as I would've predicted said smiting. It's pretty obvious what was done good and bad (95% good) here, so I won't make much of a comment. Lots of bench play again, which makes sense. I'm glad Brown is doing such things with the bench minutes as we lead into the playoffs. I kind of wish he'd start a lineup of Arroyo, Hunter, Dupree, McDyess and Campbell to rest the regular five even more... maybe not. Next up, home for the Cavs on Sunday on ABC.


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