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Before we start the post, I'd like to mention two things. One, the playoff preview is just underneath this post. Two, something you migh've guessed from the comment on the last post, I'm going to be on the net radio show of "Sports Bloggers Live" tomorrow sometime between 12:00 and 12:30 PM. It probably won't be for very long and I haven't received my email about exactly when I'll be on yet, but I'll be sure to update when I get it. I don't know what their audience numbers are like or anything, but this will probably be the biggest audience by voice has ever reached. Talk about a big moment in life, huh?

MORNING UPDATE: I'm personally going on at 12:23, but apparently it's not live (which I wound up gathering after looking over the site a few times). To quote the email I got...

The show will not be broadcast live, but it will be playing on-demand at www.sportsbloggerslive.com from 1 PM ET this afternoon on through Monday night.

So, check it out. I promise to make it foxy.

End of season one
Similar to last night's floor wiping with Atlanta, this one doesn't matter. They ran off the big win streak, tied last year's record, got Darko more time... even though his numbers were crap. Aside from that, everything went fine. Now, it's time to look ahead (or below) to Philly.

"Yes" on Nets, "No" on Cavs
I guess both managed to pull their games out... too bad for Lebron, Gooden and Zydrunas. See post below for more. On a related note, anyone notice that the Cavs have an 8.7 PER at the SG spot? Yikes. I haven't seen ineptitude like that since the Browns took Tim Couch #1 overall in the 1999 NFL draft... hey, same city too.

What a great poll
Turns out I can link to these things and didn't know it, this will makes thing much easier for the readers that actually care. I voted for God Shammgod, personally, even with two Ex-Pistons on the ballot. He's got the best name in basketball history (that I know of), but he's closely followed by Duany Duany and Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje.

In Tuesday's "Daily Quickie" on ESPN.com, they mentioned an NIT-esque tournament for the teams that don't make it into the NBA playoffs. I think this would be a good idea, it would create extra revenue for the league and provide more exposure for the teams (like the Hornets with their phony ticket sales or Hawks with their lack of a two game winning streak) that need it. If I needed to convince you more than that, I'd say, "More NBA is not a bad thing".

Big, real big
This gave me a laugh when I read it. He'd have the new record for the tallest guy in league history if he made it in (which, at his height, he probably will). Recall, the previous height champs were Manute Bol (though he's listed at 7'6 on the linked site) and Gheorghe Muresan. Of course, Shawn Bradley and Yao are both in the league at 7'6 right now. Like the last two, one is just good for blocks and one is actually quite talented. Unfortunately for the talented one in the 7'7 group, Muresan, his career was cut short by injury trouble. Hopefully the same won't happen to Yao. But getting back to Sun, I hope he does well. Not every day I read about one of the few who is actually a full foot taller than myself. Whether he actually does well is up in the air, but we'll see. Not that he'll wind up there, but imagine the marketing possibilities if Phoenix manages to pick him up!

Everybody say it with me now... look below for the playoff preview post.


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