Under pressure

The game
That was a wild one. Rasheed plays 5 minutes, Hamilton exits and re-enters sans mask, Ilgauskus gets 11 O-boards, Ben gets 8 O-boards... crazy. Fortunately, what was important got done (that was getting the W). Side note, subtract what I said regarding McInnis when he's guarding a guy who scored 17 points on 7 shots. Obviously there has to be a comment on what Lebron did: bad shooting, good saving at the free throw line and eventually missing the most important shot of the game... those 28 foot faders are tricky ones. I really don't know if it was Tayshaun that caused it or it was a mistake by Lebron, but whatever it was, it sure looked awkward. But enough about that, the Pistons have won 10 straight and head to Atlanta on Tuesday.

Due to the loss...
The Nets are tied with the Cavs for the eight spot and as I mentioned last night, the Nets have the tie breaker. During the pregame on ABC, Bill Walton said Lebron's been carrying the group of stiffs for too long. This group of stiffs apparently includes a guy with a 20.42 PER who is tied for thirteenth in the league in defensive boards per minute (0.2167, or 7.8 per 36) and a guy with a 19.92 PER who is tenth in the league in offensive rebounds per minute (0.1125, or 4.05 per 36 minutes). Just because one guy overshadows doesn't mean everyone else on the team sucks.

Happy trails, Minny
Not much to comment on here, other than to ask, "People really thought Minnesota was going to get in?"

Continuing in Minnesota... Start me or trade me, disgruntled Szczerbiak tells Wolves
Note before rant... Wally's had 37 starts this year, which is fourth most on the team. Apparently logic doesn't apply here. As for the demand... makes complete sense, right? Plenty of teams are dying to trade for a guy who has a PER of 17.43 and 4/$46 left on his deal. Don't get me wrong, the Szcz is a quality player but I can't imagine too many teams are going to want to take on his deal... okay, maybe Isiah will do it. I heard them saying Kurt Thomas + ? for the Szcz a while back, but it'll be tough in the offseason. Thomas only makes $6.6 next year, so they'll have to throw in anywhere between $1.9 and $4.9 to balance it out if just Wally is coming in the other direction. Unfortunately for those whose home games are at the MSG, the only person they have on the roster for next year making such a thing is Knickerblogger favourite Mike Sweetney, who I sincerely doubt they want to give out. So, it's going to have to get complicated (Minnesota only has 9 guys under contract for next year), but maybe they'll find a way.

Celtics clinch 3 spot
We'll see which lucky team gets the 6 spot in the coming days. Indiana's got it right now, being 14 back of the Heat. Washington's 12 back and Philly's 16 back, so Carlisle's squad has a good chance of meeting up with the guys in green again... and like last year, beating them to a pulp, especially since J-O is back.

Once all of the seeds are locked in, I'll throw up some predictions. I'm going to start writing this now, since I'll have exams to deal with in the coming days.


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