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Note before I start: My name is Corey, not Cory. Despite spelling it on the phone, their site got it wrong. No big deal, just clearing that up.

Yes, that was me on the radio
Had a little scare beforehand, seven minutes before when I was supposed to go on, their phones wouldn't take my call (I got an automated response). I managed to complain to one of the hosts through AIM and the next call I made, I got through. Just like magic! I thought I sounded alright and presuming they do a similar thing for the next round, perhaps I'll get to do it again. I had fun with it, so I'll definitely be up if they want me. You can find an mp3 of the whole broadcast under the "Podcast" button in the "Your Opinion Counts" section. In that clip, I'm on from 25:30 to 31:10. Check out the other parts too, they were generally well done. Note that this site (and the other blogs featured) are linked to on the menu on the right. If you want a link to a crappy real media file that has just my part, here. Side note, I found it funny that I was one of the "top NBA bloggers on the web" according to their site... after a month. Unlikely.

6:20 UPDATE: Delfino (in addition to the obvious Jenkins) is the one left off the playoff roster, not Darvin or Darko. I like this, seeing as how he was so useless on O and D for most of the year (when he wasn't hurt).

Paxson's out, this time officially, so is Malone
Well, we knew the first one was coming... second one too, actually. So this isn't huge news, just confirming our prior knowledge. Not sure why Paxson got the axe, really. His moves were great, the Battie for Gooden plus the picked that turned into Varejao for instance. Perhaps they wanted another patsy.

Stein's still crazy
Let's start with Washington at 16... what? They're playing a team with about equivalent talent that's missing their starting centre and small forward... and they're 16 out of 16 teams? This makes no sense to me. Similarly, Chicago at 8? This is weird for the opposite reasons Washington is 16. I don't agree at all. Next, Pacers at 6! They're 6th in their own conference, the weaker of the two, yet are sixth overall here. Let's have a quote, shall we?

Pacers vs. Pistons has to go seven -- those are the rules.

I called him on it in the chat he had on ESPN's Sportsnation at about 12:30 PM on Thursday. His response was that, "I mean that I feel that way for this year." So they lose their second best player, they won't have home court advantage anymore and it'll take the defending champs more games to dispatch them? Unlikely.

The show that never ends
Good to see this stat... good to see that the Pistons lead the way too. Yeah, I know they have the biggest arena. Perhaps this is a sign to NBA building owners that they need to increase arena sizes. I'm not suggesting NFL sized or anything, but I think various increases would be profitable.

McHale to return, but just as VP
Minnesota was 19-12 (.576) under him, as it said in the article, which is an 82 game pace of 47-35. Not too bad, considering what their record was not under him (25-26, .490, enough for a pace of 40-42). It's too bad McHale doesn't want to coach anymore, which I don't blame him for since he was thrust into it to start, because he might have been able to bring them back to the playoffs next year... you know, when they're free of Spree. Or the year after, when they're free of Cassell (I don't know why people complained about him, he did put up a 19.39 PER). After Cassell's deal comes off, presuming McHale doesn't give out any more big or long term deals, they'll be under the cap. This will be the summer of 2007... yeah, probably too long to go without spending much money for him. If they hold off, their record might suffer but they'll be poised for a comeback. I guess we'll see what happens and which coach comes in.

Final regular season ends for Reggie
You'd think less of a big deal would be made, seeing as how they have a playoff series (probably two, actually) left. Don't cry for Reggie yet, cry when the Pistons swat (a reference to Tayshaun's greatest highlight?) his team again in the playoffs.


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