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Today's post title refers to the dialup connection, as it's making me want to cut things and is the reason there were no updates the last few days. At first I thought I'd go for another big post to make up for it, but I'll do that and more. For one (maybe two, we'll see how it goes) of the upcoming Piston games, I'm going to rip off Bill Simmons and detail my thoughts every five minutes or so before, during and after the game. That ought to make up for it.

HALF AN HOUR LATER UPDATE: Latest Carnival of the NBA (#9) is up at Forum Blue and Gold (link on the side), where this site shows up much like it did in the last one. Yay self!

Speaking of ESPN.com writers...
Eric Neel is a pretty talented guy, I tend to like his writing. But this is a bigger turd dropping than Bibby's 1-16 shooting the other night link. He can't think this is funny or good, can he? I know opinions are like assholes, but this is ridiculous. I mean, his combo article with Scoop Jackson (can't find the link, sorry) was better than this filth and that was terrifying.

Pistons and Sixers are both one point off
Well, I was close. We're down to 67% for Piston W's according to my prediction... and really, I think it'll be 100% after game 3. I suspect the third will be the one the 76ers have the best chance at winning. More on that later. Side note, Rasheed likes to refer to the team's most debated draft pick as "DMC". Apparently this is from Darko MiliCic (or ciC). I guess that's another title for him. It beats the coach's "Pound for pound" anyway.

I feel bad for AI. He was having such a brutal game shooting and handling the ball then his team got the loss. This is bad enough, but he had the night topped off getting a coin in the bottom of the skull. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll fill you in. As commented on by Jim Rome yesterday, some idiot fan threw a quarter towards Iverson and hit him in the spot I mentioned. Much of the 76er bench turned around and security went towards the guy who seemingly did it. Following Rome, I was listening to Stoney and Wojo of The Fan and they had a guy (his name was Michael, we'll call him Mike) that was sitting next to the coin chucker call up and explain what really happened. The chucker goes by the name of Dennis Wayne Pauley (spelling on last name is questionable). Similar to DMC, we'll call him DWP. DWP and Mike moved into the lower section towards the end of the game as a lot of the crowd was filing out. With about five minutes left in the quarter, DWP turns to Mike and says, "I'm going to throw this quarter at AI". Mike tells him not to. About five minutes in real time later, DWP throws the quarter and connects. Security comes up and takes Mike away. They question Mike and say that DWP did it. Ten minutes later, they go and bring back DWP and apparently arrest him. More news later. What really makes me glad is that this is semi-big news (Rome did mention it) but it's not all over the internet and television like the brawl was. If it was huge news, we'd have to hear about how Detroit's a cesspool (despite the Palace being in Auburn Hills) all over again and "baa baa baa" would go the sheep. Fortunately, it's not so bad (yet). Let's hope it never gets there again.

Net big men shoot a combined 10-28 (35.7%) in their game two...
... and I continue to be correct. Sans Krstic, the numbers go to 2-15 (13.3%). On a related note, I think we should make up a Mendoza Line for the NBA... call it the Kidd Line or something. I'd pick a different chucker, but he's the one with the most unique name.

A vengeance
Well, I figured that was coming. Not by 28 points, but I figured it was coming nonetheless. I'd say more, but what's to say? Good team played bad in game one, then kicked some ass in game two (which I'm currently watching the rerun of on NBA TV). I expect game three to be more competitive.

Epitome of the playoffs?
It's knock down. It's drag out. It's... Chris Duhon having a line of 5, 7 and 8 and Kirk Hinrich having a line of 34 (on 15 shots), 3 and 2. It's Arenas shooting 14-25 and his team still not getting the win because Hinrich shot 12-15.

Hot blooded, check it and see
I was watching NBA TV's show "Insiders" yesterday and they were talking to Artis Gilmore. Naturally, the main topic was the current Bulls. Eventually, they got to Ben Gordon. Artis said Gordon was like Ex-Piston Vinnie Johnson... in that they were both big scorers off the bench for teams that tended to focus on defense. I agree, it was an apt comparison. However, Artis followed that up by saying that they used to have a nickname for Vinnie... that he was "The Heater". Uh...

VJ reminds me of the one on the right, not the one on the left.

Filler, again
Speaking of the Bulls, there's a reason I love their first round opponents. While I enjoy the great play of their three headed monster, I enjoy their big men even more. Why? Let's take a look at some stats.

- Regular season stats
Brendan Haywood: 9.4 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 1.49 PPS, 60.9 FT%
Etan Thomas: 7.1 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 1.3 PPS, 52.8 FT%
Kwame Brown: 7.0 PPG, 4.9 RPG, 1.23 PPS, 57.4 FT%
Jared Jeffries: 6.8 PPG, 4.9 RPG, 1.21 PPS, 58.4 FT%

Those bottom three guys play so differently, yet come up with such similar stats. Washington's got a three headed monster that essentially does the same thing with all three heads. I just thought that was kind of funny.

Comic update
Ran into some unidentified trouble in the creation process (take a guess), but I guarantee it will have begun online before the end of the week, probably before Friday.


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