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Game one: Pistons 106, 76ers 85
That went well, huh? Philly's bench was pretty much non-existant, which was strange, since I figured Ex-Piston McKie and Ex-UDM Titan Willie Green would have some good outputs in this series. Tayshaun played 47 minutes and Rip played 44. Rasheed had 16 points in the third quarter. Tayshaun had another great block, but it was called back. McDyess was great and ABC loved him for it, I bet there will be a pile of stories if he continues to be a big producer. Ben tied the great Bob Lanier's record for blocks in a playoff game with 7, almost had a 5 by 5 night (one assist and one steal off)... quality all around. Pretty much everyone on the Pistons played well, but only everyone sans Korver in the Sixers' lineup played well to combat it. Thus, the Pistons were victorious. I messed some parts of the game (travelling and television trouble due to local snow) but caught them again later thanks to NBA TV.

The comment on the last post isn't the first one to question one of the colour schemes I've had. Personally the scheme is up to the readers, thanks to Firefox it's always whatever colour I want it to be on my laptop's screen. So I'll put it to a vote, I guess. Comment or email me what you think the colours should be (something Piston-esque, as proposed, will probably be popular) and perhaps there will be a change in the future.

Houston pounds Dallas
When Dirk shoots 5-21 and T-Mac shoots 14-27, Dallas is bound to lose. I'm sure they'll recuperate and win game two.

At the time of this writing, Boston's up on Indy 76-41
I know Tinsley's not playing, but... wow. I'll update later.

UPDATE at 5:18 AM: Well, it wasn't as bad of a beatdown at the end.

Still in the update, after reading the latest post at the Spurs Blog, I have no idea why I remotely thought about Denver winning that series. Change my pick to SA in six!

Another project of mine is coming
I love reading sports blogs on the internet... eventually, I started one up. Another thing I love reading on the internet is webcomics. Guess what? A similar movement is coming. There seemingly aren't many sports comics on the net (I've only seen one or two myself and I've seen plenty of comics in general) so perhaps this is an untapped section. My drawing skills are questionable, but with the aid of a certain popular image editing program and access to my dad's scanner, I might be able to make this thing fly. The last piece of the puzzle is Keenspace, who like Blogger, provides me with free hosting. I'm on enough to update weekly. I'm confident in myself, I think I could make it good. I've gotten a decent following here and with links from here to the comic, I could have crossover success. The topic will be sports in general, but I'll try to focus it on the NBA. Look for it soon. Once I draw up a few, edit them up and have them ready, I'll start my part of Keenspace up. Should be fun.


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