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Note , I'll make up for the missed day with a big post here. I'm good for it, you know I am. Note number two, I've got some ideas for the early comics, I just have to draw them up... which I'll work on tomorrow.

Still hate how annoying it is to surf the net on dialup. They need to get broadband to this area already. Supposedly, everywhere in Canada (probably excluding the non-habited parts of the territories) was going to have broadband access within a year dating back to a year and a half ago or so. Apparently they haven't come through yet.

The close ones
I guess the title of the post is a reference to the Spurs/Nuggets game and the Celtics/Pacers game. Both involved high seeds getting beaten by the defense of low seeds and both were a lot of fun to watch. However, the second game had the commentators referring to James Jones and Ricky Davis as "Jumaine Jones" and "Ricky Pierce"... which I thought was pretty funny. Partially funny because of the similarities between each and partially funny because I love commentator screw-ups. As for the games themselves... as I said, very enjoyable for the eyes and brain. Plenty of D from all four teams (surprised to see it from that green team).

Big game for Reggie. Could've been a big game for Stephen Jackson, he had 16 points on 4-5 shooting in the first quarter... and you can see what he wound up with. Could put a bunch of blame on Pierce for the L, he did miss that free throw and follow it up a little later with the missed triple... but I don't think that's the route to go. I think a chunk of the blame should go on Ricky Davis, myself. He did shoot 1-8, have five turnovers and 6 PFs. It was like every time he touched the ball, something bad happened. More blame goes on other guys who shot badly, like Blount getting 4 points on 8 shots or Payton, who had 4 points on 7 shots.

As for the Nuggets and Spurs... Parker shot 6-17 and had 5 turnovers. Duncan shot 7-22. Those just aren't things you see from those two guys. Like Arenas, once they start shooting better, the team with more talent on the floor will be victorious. Bruce Bowen taking more than one shot in 33 minutes will probably help too.

Mmm, filler
I was watching Pistons Weekly last night and I heard a funny quote. For those unfamiliar, 12:30 AM on Monday mornings, NBC 4 in Detroit has a show on with the title mentioned. It's a half hour show that details three things. The first is a review of what happened over the week for the team. The second is something the team has done in the community or a special feature (examples of this are the look back on the Palace of Auburn Hills when it turns fifteen or a music video for some song that features Piston highlights). The third is a preview of the week coming up. The quote I bring comes from the upcoming week. A few reporters were talking to Ben Wallace at the Pistons' practice facility and the topic of the Heat came up. One of the reporters said to Ben (I paraphrase here), "Does it bother you that a lot of people are picking the Heat or the Spurs to be in the Finals?" to which Ben replied (again, a paraphrase), "Not at all, they're right. One of them will be in the Finals." which I thought was kind of humourous. Hey, read the subtitle.

The not-so-close ones
Nets/Heat has gone pretty much as I've expected it to so far, aside from Ex-Piston Jones hitting the twine so efficiently. Combined shooting of the four Heat big men that played? 16-26, for 61.5%. I expect the next three to be similar.

Gordon+Nocioni/Hughes wasn't at all like I expected. Good night for Andres, but I don't suspect he repeats such a performance. Likewise, I don't expect a repeat of that from Arenas. Once those two go back to normal, Washington will come out ahead... or so I believe.

Suns/Grizzlies I didn't see, similar to how I'm not seeing the Dallas/Houston game right now... darn late night games (it's not that I can't stay up, it's that my ride can't stay up). Steven Hunter, second in the league in blocks per minute, makes his presence felt in the post... doubt he does that again, not again Memphis's front line. I find it funny how the Grizzlies can have a nice night from behind the arc of 9-21... then Phoenix can top it with one of 15-32. That'll happen when you go against a group of gunners like who Phoenix has.

Game two of the series I'm supposed to be focusing on
Like Miami/NJ, I expect a repeat performance in game two. I expect the same thing to keep happening, that is, massive Piston wins. That wild game from Korver/Iverson/whoever could come and interrupt, but otherwise I don't see Philly matching anything. Thus, expect another 100-85 (or so) game... with a 75% chance that it will be in favour of the team I cheer for.


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