Another one bites the dust (part one)

Steve walks warily down the street
First thing I have to say here is, "Why the heck didn't they go to Dalembert more?". He went 5-7, 11 points, 10 boards. Not a bad night, but it could've been so much more. Webber had 16 shots, Iverson had 30, Dalembert had 7. Webber had a PPS of 0.69, Iverson had a PPS of 1.13, Dalembert had a PPS of 1.57. Priorities, guys! After that... nice showing by the Pistons, I guess. Shooting 40% isn't a good idea, but whatever, the job was done with the +13 rebounds. Saw a stat (before the game, I think) that said the Pistons had a team rebound rate of 53.0, leading the playoffs. In grabbing 46 of the 88 misses in tonight's game, they actually hurt their cause. Go figure. As I said earlier, bring on the Pacers (or, a slight possibility that it will be the Celtics).

Another award that matches my view
Another good call, voters. I'm shocked he had 517 points and Ricky Davis had 257, though. I thought the national perspective was that they were a lot closer. Not much more to say, other than that there's a nice post on the matter on Bulls Blog.

I think of him as Chuk, they think of him as ROY
As I said, I preferred Dwight Howard for this, but old Chukwuemeka isn't so bad either. Both guys are great.

Kwame Brown in "Philosophical Differences"
I hate when this happens. News breaks, but details are pretty much non-existant on the big sites and sketchy on Hoopshype. More on this when we find out what he actually did. Suffice to say, he's probably not coming back there next year.

The thing I was promising for now
I'll save it for when we're sans playoff games or down to one a night... also known as, I'm not done it yet. Over halfway done, but theoretically, my reasoning is good. This night had three games and three different chunks of big news. Thus, save the big thing for after. It makes sense!

Supposedly untalented team goes into supposedly talented team's house and goes up 3-2
Similar to Philly, Boston didn't have their priorities straight. Walker had 13 shots, Pierce had 13 shots and Davis had 15 shots. Walker had a PPS of 0.77, Pierce had one of 2.08 and Davis had one of 1.27. Not as bad as in the other game, but still a bit off. Just think, if Walker takes no shots and Pierce takes 26 instead, they could theoretically have 27 points instead of Walker's ten... and thus a score of 102 instead of 85. I know, it wouldn't be exact, but I'm pretty sure it would've amounted to more than 90. Almost every time I see the guy play, I want to smack Antoine with a foam baseball bat.


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