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Note, for some reason the box scores on the first two games listed aren't up on ESPN.com, so I'm going with Sportsline instead.

Mister Big Shot
A number of things of note here. First, it was the first time all series the Pistons shot under 50% from the field (43% today). Second, Tayshaun did something to his ankle but it doesn't seem serious as he continued to play after the TV break. Third, apparently the 36 and 15 Iverson had in game three is first time 35 and 15 assists has been done since Clyde (sit down Mister Drexler, I meant the other Clyde) did it in 1970. Such a fantastic commentator. Fourth, the Pistons had twenty turnovers today and managed to win. I know Philly lead the league in steals per game (9.2) but that's ridiculous for a winning team, isn't it? Fifth, today's game was more proof to my dad's theory that the best thing Chauncey provides for the team is stability. When everything was going wild and the team was veering off course, he had that big run of ten straight points and the team balanced out. Good times. Game five is Tuesday, expect the end of it all.

Nets swept, I'm proven right
Talk about upset potential! Aside from the brooming, my favourite part of this game was how Shaq started out 0-5 and ended up 7-14. Let's take a look at the series stats... Net big men shot 44-103 (42.7%) for the series, while Heat big men shot 63-121 (52.1%). Not as big of a beatdown as I suspected. Haslem didn't shoot that great this series and Krstic played better than I expected him to. The Nets as a whole did a lot better than I expected them to... still got swept, though. Maybe they can pick up a talented PF in the offseason instead of having to put out a platoon of Scalabrine and Ex-Piston (the more recent) Cliff Robinson. There are a number of nice names out there (Chandler, Swift, Dalembert, Shareef, Vlad Rad, Marshall) but the Nets will be hard pressed to get one of them to sign for the exception in NJ/Brooklyn.

Grizzlies are now 0-8 in playoff games
Well, my prediction was a tad bit off here. Too much faith in a team I like, I guess. Not much to say about this series. Memphis played them tough, but didn't have enough to pull out a W in any of the four games. See the last post about the short version of my thoughts on what they should do.

I'm going to start writing that big thing about what the non-playoff teams should do now, it'll be up after the Pistons KO the Sixers.


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Nice summary of the game, your breakdown is interesting.

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