Give me the prize

Wow, updates on consecutive days. I didn't know this was possible anymore... yes, the prize is for me.

Simmons gets MIP
Pretty good choice. I didn't have him on my preview because his PER didn't jump much, mainly, his PT did. His contract is up, so he ought to get a nice pay day. Hm, guy wins MIP during his contract year... yeah, something might be up there. Nevertheless, if he continues to play how he did this year, he'll be a nice pickup.

Miami's up 3-0
- NJ's night
Have to hand it to Carter, he did all he could to keep it going. Got Kidd an open triple at the end of regulation, hit that six banker at the end of the first OT and nearly had a triple double, but it wasn't enough. Granted, he did score 36 points on 37 shots and have 7 turnovers, but it was working in the clutch well anyway. The Nets had eight guys play and rack up 32 total fouls. That's an average of four fouls a guy. In addition to this, the Nets had five guys play 42+ minutes. I know these guys have a lot of stamina but if they're getting that many fouls while playing that much time, something might be wrong. Good job, L. Frank.

- Miami's night
Haslem had 19 boards, Shaq had 6. What? Miami shot 22-38 from the charity stripe, might be why it took them two overtimes to beat these jokers. I bet ABC is pissed that it has to show the Heat driving the last spike on Sunday instead of a more competitive series. I guess it's their own damn fault for scheduling such things.

Indy goes up 2-1
- Boston's night
Props to Antoine Walker, he didn't fling any pieces of crap at the hoop tonight... aside from just about every single FGA he had. I have no idea how he made 5 of them. Ricky Davis is 3-18 over the last two games. Justin Reed got more PT than Mark Blount, how does that happen? Kendrick Perkins shot 3-4, had 6 points and 4 boards in 11 minutes... and yet, only played 11 minutes. I don't know what Doc is thinking.

- Indy's night
Jeez, Reggie's still a machine. 10-16, 11-12 from the stripe, 33 points, 7 boards. I heard an interesting stat earlier, Fred Jones lead the Pacers in minutes this year. This guy was supposed to be about the 7th man and he lead the team in minutes. Very sad. On the bright side, I still think they're going to get out of round one.

Dallas pulls the third out
20-0 run. Wow. Can't say I saw this one (see recent note on late games for why), but I really wish I could've. I don't know why people are flipping out over the fact that Houston won both in Dallas. Dallas was 29-12 on the road and at home, so every game is pretty much the same to them. Which is why I fully expect them to rally and win four of the final five and pull the series out. I wasn't expecting a 32-37 clip from the line as a team, though.

Preview of DET/PHI
As I said yesterday, if Philly's going to win one in this series, it's going to be this one. If the Pistons win tonight, Philly will be too dejected to give enough effort to steal one when down 3-0. If Philly wins tonight, the Pistons will roar back and crush them in games four and five. Either way, game four will be a Piston beatdown similar to games one and two. The one that could be different is here. Despite my prediction, it probably won't be, but we'll just have to watch to find out. Side note, I'll be doing my first thievery (as mentioned yesterday) for this game.


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