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JJ1 returns
Coach Mike D'Antoni said the only thing that would limit Johnson's playing time is "how he's playing."

As I suspected earlier... I just figured he'd be back in time for the start of the series. Problem is, it's too late now. Yes, I know the Spurs were up 2-0 and lost in six last year, but that's a much different thing. For one, the Spurs didn't have Barry, Mohammed, Udrih, etc. For two, the Spurs won those games at home. Finally, for three, the Spurs probably won't have the folks running the clock working against them. Well, it's quite possible that the last one could come true, but I don't think the Spurs will let it get to that situation in game four. As I said a day or two back, I think the Suns will win game three and game five. But nothing other than that.

What you say?
Can someone translate this for me? I think he's developed a new language that only he and the higher-ups at ESPN.com can understand... Scoopese, perhaps. Yes, that's the one. So, to rephrase that, could anyone who is familiar with "Scoopese" translate that? I'd do it with Google or Altavista, but they just don't carry such a language pack.

The Cavs actually contacted Calipari for their open coaching job
This comes to mind. Come on, Gilbert! I know many of them aren't taking, but there are a lot of better options out there, most of them not coming from the college ranks. Do your franchise a favour and don't go looking anywhere but the pro level.

Antonio McDyess has bad knees; Captain Obvious strikes again
Is this really necessary? This is like saying that Mourning has bad kidneys or Hill has a bad ankle. Well, it's not as famous as them, but it's close. So why bother putting up an article that's half about that? In related news...

Rip Hamilton not shooting well after two games, obviously because of a defender and not because of missing open shots
For those who have watched the team all season, we know the guys are streaky and anyone could show up with a huge game at any time. I know I suggested that Hamilton take more of a distribution role, but that's only if his shooting trouble continues. He'll probably have a big game in game three, to counter the crap he was throwing up the first two games. It has nothing to do with Eddie Jones. He's a fairly good defender, but defending Hamilton like Tayshaun defended Wade in game one is not something he can do for long stretches.

League and Union resume talks
That's pleasant to see. Yeah. I guess there will be more to say when they actually start agreeing on certain terms of the deal. I'll still be shocked of the max contract lengths are lowered to four years. The agents (who despite Billy Hunter's rant, do have a big say in this) stand to lose far too much money if such a thing happens. Thus, it won't happen. In related news...

Thanks, Russ
I had no idea there would be a lockout if the two sides couldn't agree on things! More pointless articles! Yay!

More mockery
Apparently there's a mock draft on ESPN.com but guess what? Insider'd! Since the link regarding the insider articles on the right here hasn't updated in a bit, those of us who won't fork it out for words on a screen are left without access. However, it was mentioned on the main page of the NBA section there that Ford suspects the Bucks will take Williams. More on this when bleedinginc updates, I guess.

More bloggery
I'm thinking about starting up a Lions blog when the NFL season gets closer (such as, around when preseason starts). It would probably be slightly more home team-centric than this one, as my knowledge of the leaguewide NBA is larger than my knowledge of the leaguewide NFL. Not that I wouldn't touch on leaguewide issues, but I wouldn't be doing things like describing what the non-playoff NFL teams should be doing each offseason. Hopefully I can come up with a more original name for it than I did with this one. As always, tell me what you think.


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