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Completely forgot to add the round 2 roundup to the round 3 preview... oh well. I guess I'll put it here. Like last round, I got all of the winners. I was only two games off in total this time, but the scale was smaller so I was a bit more off. No matter, it's not like I get paid for such things. It'd be awesome if I did, though! Surprise big performer of the last round was... Nash, I guess. We know he's wicked, but he had some pretty wonky games. Surprise underachiever? Michael Finley. His last two games against Phoenix were crap and sure enough, those were wins 3 and 4 for the opposition. There you have it.

SA/PHX, Game 1
I owe Brent Barry an apology, I guess. Horry... well, not so much Horry. But definitely Barry. So, brother of Jon and Scooter, I'm sorry for the hate. It's not that I don't like the guy, I just didn't think he'd contribute. Aside from that... wow! 43 in the fourth for the Spurs. It's not like they're terrible on the offensive end or anything, but that was pretty funky. I don't think they'd be scoring as much if Marion had shown up. Sure, his rebound numbers are nice, but his D was bad and he did shoot 1-6 from the field. Q's bad shooting didn't help. I liked how Amare had 18 FTA's and 21 FGA's, while Manu had 13 FTA's and 10 FGA's. These FT numbers are Fortson-esque (remember, he averaged 1 FTA per FGA). Fun stuff! Very entertaining game, a real joy to watch. I hope the next six (yes, six) are like that. A friend of mine seems to be convinced that Phoenix won't take any on the road, but I beg to differ. SA did already drop one at home (granted, Duncan was about 60% at the time) and Phoenix was 3 wins shy of the all time best road record, which leads me to believe that they'll win one of the three they play in SA. Probably game six.

Weisbrod to book it
Yeah, that's it. Trade the team's superstar and a good piece (that'd be Mobley) for much smaller returns, then leave the next summer. Nice guy, huh? Granted, he did grab Nelson for little, but he's mostly hurt the organization. So now they need coach and GM. As to who fills or which two fill these roles, I have no idea. I doubt they try another assistant, though. Such another practice hasn't worked out for them too well lately.

Sorry folks, but it's a really slow news day aside from the game. I guess I'll delve into other topics to comment on.

Here's a laugher
To quote "The Seattle Times", care of Hoopshype:

Still, league sources said yesterday that Atlanta plans to court Allen just as they did Kenyon Martin a year ago.

Uh, okay. It's not like they don't already have Childress as a good young guy who can play the spot. It's not like there are better situations for him to go to. Unlike K-Mart, there's going to be more than one team that goes after Allen. I guess I can't blame them for trying.

Anyone notice the Pistons have the five man unit with the best Roland Rating so far in the playoffs?
Fifth best one too. More proof to the fact that the Pistons have the best starting five in the league. Also in the "bests" department, anyone notice that Tayshaun's deferensive PER at the 3 spot so far in the playoffs is 3.3? Granted, he wasn't guarding Bird and Jordan or anything, but it's still pretty impressive. He also has a monster personal Roland Rating of +22.2. More evidence to the fact that this team needs a good backup 2.5 in the offseason. As to who would be the best to get, I'm not positive on that matter yet. We'll see who falls to the MLE section. More on that when I put up my playoff team offseason preview, I guess.

Don't know if I mentioned it here before or not, but this is pretty humourous. While all of the stats, info and such are useful, I think the humour section might be the best part.

Like I said, there's not much to go on. I've got stuff to talk about like Drew Gooden has infected hair follicles. Yes, it's that bad. Maybe I can dig more stuff up tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free agents I'm looking at for the Pistons backup SG/SF spot:

DerMarr Johnson, DEN - tall and long, can play the 2 or the 3, good D, shot well this year

Devin Brown, SA - restricted, scorer, good D, too small for some SF matchups

Greg Buckner, DEN - very good D, too small for some SF matchups, can't create own shot

Casey Jacobsen, NOH - good D, can shoot the three but also gets to the line

If we were looking for an older player - Jon Barry, Bryon Russell, Adrian Griffin, and Steve Smith would be possibilities.

5/23/2005 10:32 a.m.  
Blogger Corey said...

Good stuff. I think Devin Brown would be the best of those, if he could be yanked from the Spurs. I like his ability to score off the bench and he plays enough D to make Brown like him... presuming LB is back next year.

5/24/2005 2:34 a.m.  

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