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If you're curious as to why this is up later in the morning than usual... honestly, I forgot all about it. I thought I put it up earlier, but then I remembered that I couldn't say anything about SEA/SA yet and didn't. D'oh.

All defensive teams announced; Blog writer left without good section titles
First, why is it under Minnesota news, rather than Detroit news? The Pistons had three guys out of the eleven, you'd think it would be attributed to them. Garnett's on for the sixth straight time... so? Duncan's been there the same amount of consecutive times, it's not like KG is unique in the regard. My other complaint is that Bowen got in listed as a guard, despite that he played 1% of SA's time at SG and no time at all at PG. Other than that, no complaints at all. If AK47 wasn't on the first team and had played the full year, I'd complain. But, since he unfortunately wasn't, no more complaints. Good to see Chauncey and Tayshaun on there, they deserve it.

This was eerie. I think the game (and/or the dollar bill) was trying to tell me something... there were so many references to the number three.

- The obvious one, it was game 3
- Etan Thomas, #3 in Washington's big man rotation, was out
- Shaq didn't play, so Mourning (wears #33) got the start instead
- The most frequent advertisement I saw was for Star Wars: Episode 3
- This was the 3rd road game Miami played in the playoffs
- Mourning won 3 tips in 3 tries in the first 3:30 of the game
- Washington's big 3 had all of Washington's 24 (8x3) points in the first quarter
- Washington lead by 3 after the first quarter
- This was the 3rd time in 3 games that there had been a reference to why Gilbert Arenas wears the number he does
- Dixon wears #3 and got a huge cheer when he first entered the game
- Etan Thomas was shown on the bench 3 times
- Lute Olsen was shown in the crowd 3 times
- Washington hit 1/3 of their 3 point shots
- Brendan Haywood, who wears #33, played 33 minutes
- Wade, who had another great game, wears #3 (almost had 33 points too)

Crazy. In a similar fashion, I think Jared Jeffries is hilarious. Almost every time he goes to the basket, something funny happens. A few games ago, he kept on trying stationary dunks from five feet away. Tonight, he stuck the ball between the glass and the rim. Very adventerous. Now... for some real comments. Break out the brooms! How is it the Wizards lost at home when Miami was missing Shaq? Oh, I know. They gathered a grand total of 29 rebounds, to Miami's 43. The team rebound rate was 34.9. By comparison, Miami's was 51.8. I mean, Shaq and Haslem's rebound rates for the season combined are just 1.9 boards short of what Washington reeled in, in game three. This is what happens when they're sans Etan and Kwame with Ruffin only grabbing 2 in his 17 minutes (his regular rate is 14.8). Sigh. I thought they had a shot at one game, but I guess not. Turn out the lights, DC, the party's just about over.

Sloan, not Sloan-terno
I think the Jazz will be much better next year if they get a competent point guard so that ought to delay his retirement even more. As the title of the section suggests, he's not going Joe-Pa, he still knows what he's doing. So, more power to him. I don't think he'll let himself go on until he's useless anyway. As to when he actually does quit... hard to say. I hope it's not for a while.

I want some "Revenge of the Stith"
Had to throw it out there eventually. If you remembered him, you were probably thinking about it too.

Potapenko makes himself useful
I certainly didn't think I'd be using that section title tonight. There are a number of things to say here. First, Fortson has 10 fouls in 16 minutes here. Slanted up to 36 minutes, that's 22.5 fouls. Keep them coming, our enforcer in pigtails. Second, is it really possible that Seattle can win a game where Lewis and Allen combine for 9-33 from the field and 32 points? Apparently so. Part of it was the +11 rebound advantage they had (Hm, where did I see a similar thing earlier?) and another part was... JJ! 7-7 from the field for 15 points! He also had 2 blocks in his 24 minutes. Unfortunately, he also raked in those 6 fouls. This guy is hilarious. He's kind of like Fortson. If he didn't get so many fouls and actually managed to stick in there for a while, he'd get so much accomplished! I guess the same can be said for Evans, but his foul trouble isn't usually as bad. Seattle's certainly got some interesting big men.


Blogger Matt said...

"My other complaint is that Bowen got in listed as a guard, despite that he played 1% of SA's time at SG and no time at all at PG."

True, but doesn't he usually defend Shooting guards?

5/13/2005 6:38 p.m.  
Blogger Corey said...

Good point, since this is defense, it wouldn't really matter where he was slotted offensively. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll have to remember that for next time.

5/13/2005 10:57 p.m.  

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