I had a nice post ready to go for this about half an hour ago and accidently exited my browser as I was working on it. I think, "Wait, didn't they recently up something up for post recovery?" and yes, yes they did. Problem is, the "Recover post" button wouldn't work in this situation. So, new post. Sigh. I thought bringing out the "Nutrocker" title was fitting, seeing as how the two games today were decided by a combined 41 points. Another note, now that the posts that required a lot of pre-writing thought are done with, updates should be on a more regular time schedule (as in, they should consistently be up between 12 and 1 AM ET). Now, for the meaty sports talk.

Starting in the East...
There were a number of problems for the Wizards here. One, the bench outside of Etan Thomas shot 0-8 for 0 points. Two, Miami's bigs shot a combined 18-27 (66.7%) from the field. Granted, they did deal with Shaq fairly well (four turnovers and six fouls) aside from that strange sequence where he took and missed three free throws in a row thanks to two Washington lane violations. If they can keep up such a defense throughout the series and maybe shoot a little better (than the 36.8% they shot this game) they might have a shot at winning more than one game... well, maybe not.

Both teams played all twelve of their guys for at least two minutes in this one. Granted, part of that was because one team lost two of their best scorers early in the game. If Ray and Vlad are out for extended periods of time, Seattle's not going to make it to two victories. Related notes, Jerome James was 2-8 with 4 points and 3 boards in 19 minutes and Danny Fortson had 4 fouls in 3 minutes. JJ might be out of magic (as I predicted) and I must say, I love Fortson. Partially because of his awesome 2.05 PPS and partially because he often puts up lines like the one he did there.

HALF AN HOUR LATER UPDATE: Okay, I did as told by the multiple complainers and changed the scheme. It's now more Piston-esque and not dark. Hope you enjoy it. Second, the comic is now working. However, there are numerous problems. One, I have no idea how to work the FTP service keenspace provides, I'll get on trying to learn it. Two, the comic currently up is what I put as the "preview", which needs to be taken down anyway. The actual version of comic #1 is much better looking than that, trust me. As soon as I can get it up, you'll see. So, as soon as I figure it out, the comic is go!


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