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Well, aren't I the role model? Right after I say that updates would be at more regular times, I go and put the post up 22 hours late again. My excuse is that I had an early job interview and had to hit the hay early, but that's not interesting, so we'll skip it.

Pistons thwomp Pacers, series starting to look like DET/PHI
Seriously, I think this is going to take the same path. Pistons pound them in first two games, they have a crazy shooting night in game three and win, Pistons pull out two tough ones in games four and five. Granted, Indy was wild last series... but come on, they were playing a team that starts Antoine Walker! Of course it's going to be nutty. You heard it here, very similar series. Not a carbon copy, but very similar. Now, for some related stuff.
Yeah, the one we're (almost) all curious about... what's up with Ben? To quote Knickerblogger:

When Ben Wallace drops a blackjack on you, you know you've been Punk'd

Precisely! He had 21, 15 and four steals. I can see the latter two happening a decent amount, but he doesn't cross the 20 point barrier a lot. Yet, this is the second time in six games (yes, that's referring to the playoffs) that he's done such a task. It's not like he was playing against crappy interior D. J-O, Davis and Foster make for a good group in there. Yet, he was constantly getting and creating good opportunities. I really hope he keeps it up, as it's definitely helping the team. Having five offense options certainly beats four and a half or four (or in the Carlisle days, three).

More scheming!
You might've noticed that the scheme is different... and more Piston-esque. I thought it was super duper... aside from the glaring white background, which I absolutely hated, but people seem to like. Really, it doesn't matter to me. Through Firefox, I see it however I want, so it's up to the readers. Don't like this one? You know the drill, keep complaining to me.

Apparently Vlad-Rad is out for the series...
... and thus, the season. Well, they wouldn't last the series without him, but with him gone and Allen day to day, Sonics might not make it to five games. Guess I should've put some small print that my predictions are void if important players get hurt.

D'Antoni wins COY; Writer of "The Pistons" reportedly baffled
Zuh? I know Hollinger likes him, but I just don't share the view. A quote:

Phoenix is winning largely because D'Antoni had the cojones to play Amare Stoudemire defensively at center and Shawn Marion at power forward.

Yeah, it has little to do with the fact that his other options were Steven Hunter, Jake Voskuhl and Bo Outlaw or that Steve Nash and Q joined the team in the offseason. Another quote:

The Suns rarely run set plays because D'Antoni is smart enough to get out of the way. This is incredibly tough for pro coaches to do – considering their life expectancy nowadays, most consider it borderline suicidal to turn the play calling over to the players.

"Listen guys, I know this is borderline suicidal, but I'm letting our fantastic point guard who averages 15, 11 and 51% call the plays." Right. I like Hollinger a lot, but that article is a bit questionable to me. As for the whole COY thing, another reason why it irks me that D'Antoni won is that he won in a season that contained the coaching jobs that Karl, Skiles and McMillan have done. Maybe in another year where such guys didn't stand out it wouldn't be so bad, but I feel there are three worthier candidates.

JVG now stands for Jive: Very Gruesome
What a jive turkey that balding Van Gundy is. I guess option four was "change my comments so that they're an obvious lie", hadn't really thought of that.

Normally I wouldn't mention one of his articles because they seem to go in circles and end up nowhere, but since it touches on the blog's topic, I figured I'd mention it. Part one of the article screams "Wah, the rivalry started with Carlisle but the loss of Artest ruined it!" but no bomb threat references, I found that odd. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. If the rivalry started with Carlisle, does it really matter if Artest is there or not? Part two... well, that's the going in circles part. It says "the rivalry is over because of things that aren't Artest"... which completely contradicts the first part. Every time I read one of his articles, I wonder how the line at the end of each of them, "Scoop Jackson is an award-winning journalist", is a fact.

This time I really am getting back to the regular schedule
No more job interviews, no more other stuff, just regularity. The blog's taking Beano and/or Metamucil, I promise. I'll have another post up in a bit to account for 05/11/05 on tonight's games to start that regularity off. Remember folks, it's good to be regular.


Blogger Brian said...

Amen on "Scoop" Jackson, man. I've been pounding him on my blog too... the guy is simply unreadable. I'm going to give you this award:

"Best Pistons Blog By A Canadian".

Now you can call yourself an award-winning blogger.

5/11/2005 1:34 a.m.  

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