I had this one done for the regular time last night, but Blogger's "new post" function was on the fritz. Some proof of this was that I edited the template (put up the game 6 recap and Miami game slots). Was here, but got owned. Sorry about that.

With his brim pulled way down low
The end is here! I can't complain at all about any of the Piston players, pretty much all of them played great. As for the Pacers... J-O finally showed up, but it was clearly too late. Tinsley had 0 points. Jackson had a PPS of 0.5, Davis had one of 0.67. Nice work, starters. The team had a PPS of 1.05 in total. Foster was on fire inside there, his only miss came on a 20 footer (as to why he shot this, I don't know). I mean, they shot well, 48% from the field, first time all series they topped the 40 mark. But 7 FTA's? Pistons had 24 and the Pacers had 7. Pacers only had 6 more fouls than the Pistons, why was there such a difference in FTA's? It was weird. Anyone else notice that the Pistons were 4-0 when Rasheed had his normal hair and 0-2 when he had the cornrows? Anyway, the series was mostly good... outside of game three, anyway. Moving on...

Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet
I decided to do something special for this. I tried to keep track of how often Reggie pushed off upon going up for shots. The counts, out of his 16 field goals:

- 7 came where push offs took place within the previous second or two
- 7 were clean, generally off of picks or late game triples from the next area code
- 2 came when he was about to shoot, but had the ball stolen instead
- 1 was missed due to ABC showing me drivers (not sure which association they were from, I don't exactly follow such a thing) that happened to be in the crowd
- 1 was missed due to ABC throwing stats up on the screen in the middle of a play

So, he pushed off on somewhere between 43.8% and 56.3% of his shots. Honestly, it being his last game, I expected a higher range. Related note, Anthony Johnson screwed up at the end of the first quarter... how many times did that guy screw up at the end of a quarter this series? Must've been at least four or five.

Machine guns ready to go
Now, it's on to the series most of us have been predicting to go down in the ECF since about November 20th. Shaq's still dinged and they say he might not make it out for game 1 on Monday. I really hope he's not, as the complaints that, "Oh, Detroit sucks, they only won because Shaq was hurt" will annoy me to no end. Never mind that they frustrated the hell out of Wade in the regular season and such. Third round preview will be up for Monday's post.

All-NBA... and creative section titles
No complaints at all here, the selections were quite good. However, I'm shocked that Yao didn't get on... conspiracy! Also, needless to say, Duncan's fantastic. If they held another "50 greatest players" thing, he'd be one of the first names they'd add. More on him later.

Boys of summer
The most recent post on Forum Blue and Gold states that even if there is a lockout, summer league will still go on, it just won't be individual NBA teams... which makes me happy. As I've stated before, I like summer league. Last year, from watching it on NBA TV, I learned how useless Rafael Araujo was on defense (which he kept up through the year) and how much they showed Boston and Denver for reasons completely unknown. Indeed. Speaking of that site, I must say that I've found the position reviews he did of the Lakers very interesting. Check them out if you haven't.

Walton off his rocker again
Somehow, this didn't surprise me. During the pregame, Walton decided to throw out that to him, the Spurs don't have much of a bench. I completely agree! They only have Barry (53.2% eFG), Brown (good all around scorer), Udrih (ran the point well for a rookie, 51.8% eFG), Nesterovic (great defense) and Robinson (17.54 PER in his short time during the year). No bench at all, Bill. Especially no bench when Ginobili came off of the bench for a few games these playoffs. Jeez.

I'm moving Courtside to an MWF schedule, as is the most popular one for webcomics on the net. I wish I could do it more often than that, but it's just too time consuming at the moment. Maybe in the future I can start doing it more often, but until then... MWF!

"There was Dallas, from Phoenix."
Note, this was for game five. Something about that box score just doesn't make sense. Perhaps it's that the minutes for Dallas's guys combine for 198, rather than the standard 240 (48 x 5). But I digress. Where was Dampier's scoring. Granted, he made up for it all of the boards and blocks, but still... 0-7 from the field? Wacky. Even worse was Finley's play. Bad on O, brutal on D... just crappy all around. Dirk needs to call him out next.

Kings contact representative of Phil Jackson
Wish I had a link for this one, but I don't. Heard it on the radio... yeah, great place for rumours, right? I don't give much chance of substance to this, but I thought I'd mention it... seeing as how I find it kind of funny. They might actually be a good fit for him, with the good passing centre and all, but I give him more of a chance of coaching the Knicks than them. Yeah, that bad.

Cavs are a bit nutty
Okay, going after Kiki is bad enough... did they really think Denver is going to let him go? But going after Daddy Rich? He's 74, looks like he's 90 and talks like he's 30... he's not going to fit as a coach in the league anymore. College maybe, NBA... no. Not a chance.

John Nash still has a job
Worst record in team history, team's over the cap, just handed out some bad contracts... let's bring the guy back! Great thinking, Blazers. Third worst GM in the league gets his job back for another year. If you hadn't noticed, I place Mullin and Isiah respectively at two and one. Great players, brutal front office guys.

Wilt articles coming at random
There's a two part thing about the Dipper going up at ESPN.com. There's only one part up right now, I'll comment on it when the second part comes up.

While watching Conan, I saw an ad for Carson Daly's show. Normally I think nothing of this, but... among the featured guests?

"B-Baller Rick Fox!"

Yeah... numerous things wrong with that one.

You blew it!
Unsurprisingly, Seattle's defense was the reason for their demise. More on this next post.


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