Nutrocker, part two

You know something's wrong when Anthony Johnson is your most effective offensive player. You also know something's wrong when the other team outrebounds you by 18! There isn't really a lot to say about this one. Tayshaun had 12 boards, that was good to see. In fact, all of the top six had at least 6 boards each. Good sign. Foster and Davis boarded well for Indy, but... J-O has three boards in 31 minutes? Unacceptable for Pacer fans. Speaking of unnacceptable, nice line by Reggie. Series is over on Thursday, bring on the Heat.

Note, below boxscore is taken from sportsline because the one on ESPN wasn't working correctly.

Spurs jump up
I guess Wilkins wasn't quite as effective in this one. Courageous effort by the Sonics, but just not enough to get past Manu's wacky night. On the bright side, Fortson made himself useful for the first time this series.

Sorry for the short post, was working on Courtside #3 for quite a while. Hopefully the amount of time it takes will decrease with the more comics I make.


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