Still you turn me on

Programming note, third round preview will be up as the Sunday post instead of the Monday one, since Spurs/Suns game 1 is Sunday. Expect this one to be more "in-depth" than the last two round previews.

Down go the Mavs
Michael Finley pulls out another piece of crap and unsurprisingly, the Mavs drop another one. Unlike game 5, Dampier brought some game (even if he did only get in 30 minutes), but Finley didn't follow suit. Also, where was Marquis Daniels? A DNP-CD in a game six when down 3-2 isn't a good thing for him to have. On the flip side... Q with 13 boards! Where did that come from? Marion and Amare were beasts again, but Nash is still clearly the MVP. Almost put up a second straight triple double and had a PPS of 1.63. Fantastic, Kid Canada. The series seemed fun, even though I didn't get to see a ton of it. Not as much fun as some would have you believe, such as those saying that the league needs to have teams sprinting 48 (or 53, 58, etc.) minutes as game, but fun nonetheless.

The Wilt Stories, parts 1 and 2
I was expecting more of an era breakdown than the few references this involved. Regardless, this is the best thing I've ever seen Scoop write. It was interesting, even if it didn't really resolve anything or offer a ton of insight. Not overly circular either!

Ainge locked up for a trio more
Aside from sending a first round pick for something that could've been useful instead of Walker, he's done a pretty good job so far as GM. Bringing in Lafrentz's talents, brought in a decent coach (Rivers), making good draft picks (Jefferson, Allen), creating balance (trading Jumaine Jones and Welsch), not bad. Of course, my opinion of him changes by a bunch if he resigns Walker to a big, long or both deal. We'll
see how the offseason goes.

#91 did something odd that didn't make the national news (yet)
Most of you are probably unfamiliar with this one, so I'll retell the whole thing. On WDFN earlier (I've mentioned them before, for unaware of them), the "Pistons Insider" Chris McCoskey (spelling might be off) came on and told of a scene he had witnessed himself. He said that after game six, at about 11:30 at night, the Pistons were at the loading docks of Conseco Fieldhouse getting on the team bus. At this point, a black Escalade drives up to the bus and nearly decks a couple of people on the way. Out of the vehicle jumps Ron Artest, clad in gym clothes. He proceeds to look at the Piston bus, rip off his shirt and go inside. There were a few false reports like he called out someone or tried to start a brawl, but in reality, he just went up and did as I described. First speculation was that he was trying to say something like "This is what you'll see next year" to the team. Later speculation just said that he wanted to come in and work out at the building (it has two practice gyms and the regular one) and happened to see the Pistons getting there. I don't know what to make of this, but I do know it's funny. Just thought I'd relay the story, seeing as how it's kind of funny.

More on the Sonics
A valient effort, but winning without Lewis again is tough. Thus ends a very odd year for the team in the state of Washington. A large chunk of the team probably won't be back next year, leading me to believe it'll be Lewis, Ridnour, a great rebounder and a gang of misfits. From what I could tell, it was good while it lasted. My friend in Seattle wants to hurt the Spurs, but I'm sure the rage will subside in a week or two. What's next for them? Their draft spot won't be that good, but they will have cap room. As I mentioned a while back, I'll be doing an "offseason preview" for the playoff teams sometime in the future. Likely during an off day during the Finals. You'll see more on this team then.

Draft Lottery on Tuesday
Just thought I'd remind you. Presumably, it will be at halftime of game 2 of Spurs/Suns. The last three years (Houston, Cleveland, Orlando) I've been able to predict the winner of the #1 spot before it happened. So, I figure I'll take another crack at it this year. So, you're hearing it here first, the winner of the 2005 NBA Draft Lottery will be... the New Orleans Hornets. Believe it!


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