The lamb lies down on broadway

Seems to me I changed the band I took song titles at the start of the last round, so I guess I should change again now. Not to hard to figure this one out, considering how famous the album is.

Wade builds a habitat for humanity by himself
Good job, D-w-y. I mean, the Piston defence had a lot to do with this most recent "going Walker", but a lot of it was Wade's fault too. For instance, partway through the fourth, Wade had Rasheed on him on an isolation about 20 feet from the basket with 14 seconds or so on the shot clock. The obvious thing to do would be to drive to the hole here, right? Dwyane had a guy who is 7 inches taller than him and much slower than him on him far away from the basket with a decent amount of time on the shot clock. Instead, Wade took a step back and threw up a brick. Rich, but not smooth. On a related note, I was surprised how much they had Tayshaun on Wade. I figured they'd do what they did with Reggie, have Hamilton on him most of the game and then throw Tayshaun on during crunch time. Instead, it was Tayshaun on him for about 70% of the game. Similarly, Wade guarded Tayshaun about 60% of the time... and Tayshaun didn't respond very well. I think that's a bit out of place but trust me, Wade's piece of crap won't be an anomaly. He won't shoot 28% again, but I bet he'll be in the mid 30's a few times. As for the PPS of 0.64... okay, maybe that will be an anomaly. I can't believe there were only 22 free throws taken, four of which came on techs. As for the other guys, I must say, I was shocked when Rasheed was heating up (and consequently on fire) early in the first quarter. Never thought I'd see the day where Rasheed hit his first three triples and only shot five on the game. Great showing with the 2 PPS, to go along with the 20, 10 and 3. As for Shaq... wow. If you didn't catch it, prior to the game, the trio of Marv, Steve and Doug at TNT were all worried that Shaq would barely play and be next to useless when he was in there. He then proceeded to be the Heat's second best player by a considerable margin. Granted, he could've had more boards, but they couldn't complain that much. Also, I'd put up a "Sorry" thing for Eddie Jones like I did for Bones, but the karma has to run out sometime. Other nice showings included Arroyo's 7 assists in 10 minutes off the bench... that's 25.2 per 36 minutes. Could've given Scott Skiles a run for his money if he'd played about 43 minutes (and stayed on pace... yeah). McDyess's 5-6 shooting was also impressive, but wasn't accompanied by any FTA's. It was accompanied by those 6 boards in 19 minutes though, so I can't complain. All in all, a good showing by most of the guys on the Pistons. I'm beginning to think that the home teams will go undefeated the rest of the series, to keep in line with my prediction.

Good times in Eagletown
Friend of mine was psyched about this one. We were curious as to whether Philly would let O'Brien go after the year when Mo Cheeks was available and well, I guess they would. If they can keep Korver and Dalembert, they should improve next year... even more so if they pick up someone for their bench other than Marc Jackson who has business being on an NBA court. As for what's next for O'Brien... he has a decent track record (as seen in the article) and there are plenty of job openings, so he should find his way into one of them.

Something out of place
Remember how we kept hearing that Phil Jackson was the sixth man on the Knicks team that won the title in 1970? Why is it that he didn't have any PT with them that year, regular season or playoffs? At first I thought this might be something erased a la Kamino, but after checking at the other basketball reference (the one with the hyphen) this fact seems to be consistent. Weird, huh? I wonder what the story on this is... and why this is incorrectly told, as mentioned at the start of the section.

Let's do it again!
I don't know what to say. I mean, his record as a head coach is good, but he had Shaq and Penny (in his prime, before the injuries were too bad) during those years. It's not too hard to do well with those two on the squad, right? I guess they could do worse, they could keep Jent.

Big Mouth Zo, now with Jive Talking action
Yeah, my grade school could put together a team that could beat the '72 Lakers after a few billion tries too, doesn't mean it's going to happen.

Intelligent Simmons, sometimes worth listening to, seconds the opinion
Sort of. Too bad his game one prediction is off, it could... actually, unless he's joking, pretty much all of his game predictions (except maybe game six) are likely to be way off. Or so says I. Then we move into the second series, in which he slams in the old "nobody likes to watch defense" generalization. As usual, I'm nobody. I like the Suns, but I still want the Spurs to win. I think a Spurs/Pistons series would be fantastic. I also think it's very possible. We'll see in a week plus.


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