The lamb dies down on broadway

Butter them, they're toast
Sorry to my latest link addition, but nobody's going to win 4 out of 5 from the Spurs. I guess I do owe Horry an apology now, he's been wicked this series. I forgot how good he was in the playoffs. Of course, he almost got in one little fight and his mom got scared, but my guess is he'll be avoiding Bel-Air. Also... Nash! Nash! If you didn't catch it, that's four straight playoff games with 25+ and 10+. The Big O and His Airness are the only others to have accomplished it three straight times! That's pretty crazy. Almost as crazy as it would've been if he'd hit that triple at the end. Other impressive performances included Duncan's wild second half and... Jimmy Jackson's four blocks? I didn't notice any of these during the game, but the box score is showing this to me. If it's true... nice! Corliss's long lost twin is always fun to cheer for. But as, good as it was and as I said at the top, it's not happening for Phoenix. They might sneak in wins in games 3 and 5, but it's definitely not going back to Phoenix after game 6.
Side note, anyone notice that Tony Parker's dad looks like a 2035 version of Ron Artest?

Bucks win lottery, irony realized by few
Well, that was weird... and I guess my streak is broken. I'm curious as to what the Bucks will do with this. If they can't resign Redd, I think getting Marvin Williams and shifting Mason to the 2 would be a good idea. If they do manage to keep Redd, which seems unlikely, perhaps they should get Bogut. Joe Smith is getting older (30 in July) and while he's still talented, he seems like he would be a good sixth man. Or, if Bogut isn't ready to contribute right away, he could still start. He's a versatile kind of guy! They could go for Chris Paul, but they have Mo Williams who is young and decent... they have Ford as well, if he ever makes it back. So I'd suggest Marvin Williams if there's no Redd, which seems likely. However, if they do keep Redd, they could still get Marvin Williams and move Mason back into that sixth man role that he was so successful with. I guess it's up to Larry Harris... I'll certainly be interested to see what they do.

Sorry folks, I'm low on stuff again. I guess I could bounce a couple of rumours I heard off of you.

Laimbeer to coach in NBA?
Note, this was on the pregame show, I think S. A. Smith brought it up. Like many Piston fans (above a certain age, anyway) I think Laimbeer's great. Great player, good commentator, seemingly good coach (won a WNBA title... makes me think about my grade school's team again)... and now supposedly being contacted for an NBA coaching job. Guess where? The same place that holds a guy who loves to bring in old Pistons at the helm. That's right, New York! Apparently Zeke wants to bring his buddy in to coach. I wouldn't be shocked at all if this happened. I'd laugh and wish him luck with that screwed up roster. More on this if it happened.

More coaching news, this time an assistant
Note, this came from the same place as the above rumour. This one is that old PJ Carlesimo is going to coach the Timberwolves. I guess I'll get it out of the way, "Good thing they're not going to bring Spree back, huh?". PJ hasn't been a head coach in a while but has been an assistant on these great Spurs teams for a few years. So I think it'd be a pretty good choice for Minnesota. I thought a lot more guys would be clamoring for the chance to get to coach KG... but then, I also thought the same about Lebron. There I go suggesting people use logic again. How foolish of me! Insert other elitist remarks here.


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