Like it or not

Well, it's pretty clear what was wrong here. The Spurs were on pace for 288 points after two and a half minutes! Well, that and Nash had three assists. And Marion had a PPS of 0.67 on nine shots. Yeah. Amare was a monster as usual and Johnson was decent in his return, it just wasn't enough. Also, more respect to Horry. His shot wasn't on, but he raked in eleven boards. Yes, Marion did similar, but Marion's a much better player than Horry and was starting. As much as Marion wasn't effective on O, Nash wasn't either. Considering that he was averaging 12.1 APG in the playoffs before this game, getting a quarter of that is pretty much unacceptable. It's not like he was very effective shooting the ball either, with that 1.11 PPS. Yes, that's alright, but not too hot when it's coming on 18 shots. The Suns had 10 assists as a team! As seen on the recap page, San Antonio outscored Phoenix on the fast break 14-8. The Suns got outscored on the fast break by 6. That might just have something to do with the 10 assists as a team. But enough numbers. The Suns played a nice fourth quarter, but clearly it was too little too late, as they put up an astounding 10 points in Q2. That was such a strange parallel of quarters. 38-29, then suddenly 19-10, both not in Phoenix's favour. During the pregame, the guys kept mentioning that it was critical for Phoenix to have a good start to the game. So much for that, huh? Much of this was due to Duncan's repeated asskicking on both ends of the floor. The guy was 15-15 from the stripe! Mark Price, Reggie Miller and Chris Jackson (you heard me) come to mind. Parker had another ineffective offensive game and half the time he was switched off to someone other than Nash, so he can't really be credited there. He did mix in 7 assists though, so it wasn't all bad. Ginobili continued to have a wild PPS and snagged 9 boards, yet another good showing by "The Sickness". He seems almost unstoppable at times. So, in conclusion, as I said a few posts back after game two... "Butter them, they're toast". Monday is broom time. So much for my prediction!

Report: Pacers assistant talks with Cavs
I was hoping it was Kevin O'Neill when I read title! I'd love to see another K-O inspired trainwreck, a la last year's Raptors. I'm surprised they're talking to all of these unproven guys, I thought they'd go with someone more established. Time to rehash that yes, I did say Phil Jackson would do to them if he wasn't nuts. So, to go with the fallback plan... he's nuts! Or his girlfriend is Buss's daughter, one of the two.

More bloggery, part two
Yes, I am going to start up that Lions blog sometime. Maybe in July when there's not much NBA action to talk about other than summer league and free agency. I have decided on a title and I think it's fairly good. I guarantee it will be better than this one... fortunately, people are routinely referring to this one as "Pistons Blog", which isn't as bad. Perhaps I should officially change it to that. We'll see.

More mockery, part two
Not that I know a ton about how good some of the guys were in college, but I think I'll throw up my own mock draft sometime. Maybe I'll put that up during an off day of the Finals as well, just like the playoff team offseason moves thing, catchy title and all. I know! I'll try to come up with something entertaining for each off day that doesn't happen to have an explosion of NBA news. I might be able to pull it off.


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