The day after and I'm still psyched up! But can you blame me? For the fifth time (somehow, all of them within my lifetime), the Pistons are going to the Finals. Can't say I was much of a fan for the first three (I was four in 1990) but last year's and this year's are certainly must see events for my life. Thus, I have a right to be psyched.

Stein... fine?
I think this is the best article I've ever seen him write! Impressive. Granted, he doesn't agree with my opinion on the victor of the series, but that's alright. I consider these two to be the two best teams in the league (did last year too, didn't go as well for SAS) and either one winning certainly wouldn't shock me. Nice article.

The white guy named Kiki chats it up
I think Cleveland's going to have to make a monstrous offer a la the one the Lakers offered to the Krz las year, but more towards a GM's salary range to get Kiki out of Denver. Unless Denver doesn't want to give him a long deal in the coming future. Then he might be persuaded out with less "effort". Either way, for the great job he's turning that former sorry franchise around, he's going to get paid for a long time by someone.

Skiles locked up; Blog writer proven correct
See? Nothing to worry about for the Bulls fans. No word on the cash involved, but I'm sure it's in the range for $16-$20 million.

Yes, it's an Insider article and until someone with Insider gets off of their ass and helps out the Bleedinginc site (seen linked to on the side), we won't get the full thing for quite some time. But that's not the point. I link to this for two separate reasons. The first is the topic of the article. Pop was the best man at Brown's wedding... that might be the other way around. Might be both, actually. Regardless of that, they're both good friends, that's the idea. Pop was one of Brown's assistants at the Olympics. Not only are they good friends, but they might be the two best coaches in the league. Yes, helps that they happen to coach two of the best teams in the league (as I said earlier, I've considered them the best for two years now), but the fact stands. Brown's great, Pop's great, they're both great at what they do.

It should be a good coaching matchup, until ABC hypes the hell out of it anyway. As happy as I am to get rid of THE CLOSER and INTO THE WEST, I feel like we're going to start getting slammed with GREY'S ANATOMY and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. I think the last of the four is done, but with Parker's girlfriend in the crowd, they won't shut up about it regardless. No, I haven't seen any of these shows, but even if I did, I wouldn't want to hear about it every ten minutes like the other ABC playoff or regular season games. Darn networks. At least ABC only flashes little adds on the bottom of the screen, rather than doing the split screen crap. That's one improvement. Moving on to the second reason I linked to the article, which is to point out a quote:

San Antonio versus Detroit is a matchup of two fantastic defensive teams that aren't quite as capable at the offensive end.

Granted, the Pistons are about average on offense, we know this already. The thing is, the Spurs' stats don't say that about them. They were 9th in the league in offensive efficiency during the regular season and so far in the playoffs, they're 3rd. Granted, that'll drop by the time this series is done, but it still stands to the point. I know, Denver's the only good defensive team they've faced (we knew the Sonics blew and Phoenix dropped from average to bad after round one) but it's still very good. The Spurs aren't a bad offensive team. They've got that nice three pronged attack (even though Parker's been weak all playoffs) and their role players (Mohammed, Horry when in the playoffs, Barry) are effective scorers as well. Like the Pistons, they can come at you from all angles. They're just more consistent and have the best player in the league.


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