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Well, we had two bits of big news in the league today. I guess I'll start with the one that's more pertinent to this blog.

It's funny because he says what some of us are thinking
It's no big deal. Regardless of the officiating (which I've said has been equally bad for both squads, though Wade's certainly been the biggest benefactor of it), I think they'll win game six fairly easily. The seventh is the tricky one, of course. Really don't have much to say now, just want to get six out of the way. After that's done, I'll come back strong, I promise.

I'm sure there will be a big deal made about this one, mainly because of the big number involved. But really, is it that bad? It's like that mom who got the stripper for her kid's 16th birthday party... it's not really that damaging, there just happen to be strange rules against it. Well, maybe it's not like that, but you get the idea. George Karl happening to watch a workout of some guys three, two and one day(s) before the list got put out doesn't require a three game suspension and a giant fine, but whatever. It won't hurt them much. It's not like they got multiple first round picks ripped like Minnesota (and over Joe Smith of all people!).

Sorry, that's all I've got. As I said, I'll come hard tomorrow when (no ifs) the Pistons are victorious.


Anonymous Henry Abbott said...

Here's my recommendation to the Pistons: investigate the hell out of this Larry Brown situation. If they find he really has been helping Cleveland (by advising them on their choice of coach, etc.) while hurting the Pistons (while distracting everybody from the task at hand) then I think they should fire Larry Brown the second the playoffs are over.

I explain it a little more here: http://www.truehoop.com/detroit-pistons-137-memo-to-joe-dumars.html


6/04/2005 4:03 p.m.  

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