The waiting room

I think I'll go one by one here.

Stein - As much as I don't care for his writing and general opinions, I appreciate his lack of bailing on a prediction.

Bucher - Makes good points. I agree completely with what he says.

Broussard - Most dominant player since Jordan... funny that, since Shaq's career started right when Jordan's first one ended. Also, "it showed" in game six too, it just happened to be in a losing effort. So his thing about rebounding makes no sense. No dice.

Legler - Lakers had the two most dominant players last year too. Yeah.

Anthony - Doesn't really delve into anything special here. Meh.

Ford - Normally I don't really care for him either, but in this case he knows what he's talking about. The Pistons will clamp down in game seven and he knows just who the main contributors to the intensity are.

Hollinger - Like Anthony's, but for the other team. Again, meh. The guy's got some great stats but I really don't care for his articles.

Spears - Again it's general knowledge, but still nice to read, I guess. Sort of meh.

James - I like it. He mentioned the lack of back to back wins, but I don't think that really jumps out at you. Not at me anyway. It's not like they haven't played well enough in consecutive games, they just haven't pulled such things out.

All in all, a nice segment, aside from a few of the guys not giving much insight. Also, the line before the article on the main page was:

History says home teams win Game 7 in the NBA playoffs 82 percent of the time.

The Pistons have shown they're in the minority before, I bet they'll do it again.

There's not much else to say. There's been plenty of dissection on what will happen in every ambiguous case. How Shaq plays, if Wade plays, how intense the Pistons are, how "distracted" the Pistons are... there's a pile of variables. It's going to be a great game, I think. It'll be a nailbiter. I just hope Chauncey is the one taking the majority of the shots down the stretch for the team in blue. That's all I've got for now, I'll see you as soon as the game concludes (provided the road team is victorious). Go Pistons.


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