Driving the last spike

Dancing in the street!
Hey hey! What did I say? So many good things come of this. The new league superhero doesn't advance to the Finals despite the... uh, okay, no reference to Willis Reed here. Shaq, who promised a title this year, doesn't get to the Finals. As noted on the fabulous Fark, Detroit beats Miami in Game 7, Kobe Bryant waiting for Shaq with UFIA. Precisely. And the best part? I can finally witness the series that I (and oh yeah, I'm in the minority) have been waiting for for some time. Pistons versus Spurs. It's going to be super duper. I'm so hyper, I love it! David Stern suicide watch '05 is on, by the way. Programming note, Finals Preview will be up as the Thursday post.

The thrill of victory
Now, for less of a fiery ball of excitement and more of a breakdown. It was a really great game. Can't say I liked a lot of the officiating (I thought Bevetta being there would help, but apparently not), but it was fairly balanced overall. Every round has someone to draw my ire. First round was AI, second Reggie, third Wade, fourth will probably be "The Sickness". But as I was saying, the game. "The game!". Rasheed had a nice showing, as I suggested he would. When the headband came off in the first quarter, you had to figure he was going to go into "Angry Talented" mode, rather than "Angry Annoyed" mode. Rip couldn't miss from inside 23 feet in the first half, that was fun. Tailed off a bit in the second half, but that was alright. Ben's O boards were good, but what impressed me the most about his game was that he didn't have any fouls until about when four or five minutes were left on the clock in the fourth. Then he proceeded to put some perfect fouls on Shaq. Very good job by the DPOY. Tayshaun wasn't very effective offensively (though I liked his O boards), but his D was nice. More on that in a moment. I knew Chauncey wasn't going to brick any of those late game throws for two reasons. One, he's a very clutch guy. Two, he missed the FT on the T earlier, meaning that he wasn't going to miss anything else in a game of such magnitude. He's Mister Big Shot, as the phrase goes. Was very happy and psyched up when he went to the charity stripe so late. Not all was good, though. Lindsey! Agh! I want to scream every time the ball is in his hands and it isn't there because he just stole it. The bench wasn't all bad, of course. Elden was on pace for 31 boards if he were to play 36 minutes, that was good. McDyess provided some pop off the bench, also good. Certainly outplayed the opposite bench anyway.

No more playoff games on TNT for the rest of the year
Finally, I'm free of that wench Kyra Sedgwick and the West! Yay!

The agony of defeat
Paging Eddie Jones, come on. Where was the guy? Boards were good, but that's about it. Couldn't defend, couldn't shoot, couldn't... be an effective third option. Haslem was very good, I really don't know why they didn't go to him for more than six shots. Oh, I know! Because they had to go to a guy shooting 35% from the floor twenty times instead. I know his PPS is 1 (weak, but not terrifying) but again, that's not good if it's going on twenty shots. I realize he was hurt, but he still tried to push the issue quite a bit. The one game where Shaq is still effective outside of Q1 and Wade keeps on going with it instead of going for more feeds. I guess there was one positive about Wade taking it so much, it made Marv Albert extremely happy in the pants. I swear, every time he made an FG... "Dwyane WADE WITH THE BUCKET". Fortunately it only happened seven times and none of the times were in Q4. So yeah, the point is I didn't care for Wade's doing. Shaq, on the other hand, was great. Hit 3/4 of his throws down the stretch, PPS of 1.42, 9 boards. Not bad at all for the Diesel. But as I said above, his promise is broken. I bet Mitch Kupchak is also dancing in the street tonight. Dooling was alright, aside from that stretch where he got three fouls in about two minutes. Damon Jones seemed to trip over the center line when he hurt himself, can't say much there. Mourning was okay, but couldn't defend McDyess. Butler didn't show up, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop there. All in all, they played alright, but due to poor shot distribution, they lost. Wade going Walker ends the season. Somehow, I expected this.

Apparently all of the Finals games are going to be at 9 PM ET
I'm going to be so dead at work. Side and personal notes, I start work in eight hours and I'm getting broadband back later in the week. Not that this matters, you'll just have a pair of reasons to blame if my updates happen to be at strange times. Just a heads-up.


Blogger Ron said...

Dude, keep up the tasty 'stons bloggage! No question you've got it all together, color scheme and all...maybe you should develop an alternate lightning bolt look for certain games...

Man, this Miami series has been the single toughest of the last two years, don't you think? Exhausting!

6/07/2005 2:39 a.m.  
Blogger Robert J. Elliott said...

Great post! I'm thinking the Pistons will have to play another seven game series against the Spurs...

6/07/2005 4:20 a.m.  
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